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  • Jun 2010
    Rehab Program Breaks New TRAILS To Benefit People with Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Nov 2009
    Heart disease remains the leading killer in Utah, yet there is a nationwide shortage of general cardiologists, especially in rural areas. Sending cardiologists to community clinics throughout the region, as opposed to requiring patients to find their way to University Hospital, is part of a concerted effort to expand patient accessibility to the U's specialists.
  • Sep 2009
    As the ribbon was cut for the new patient care pavilion, employees, donors, and community members celebrated much more than the completion of a building. After $200 million and eight years, University of Utah Health Care had transformed its flagship hospital into a facility as inspiring as the clinical expertise of its staff. The mood was both emotional and festive as hundreds of people walked throught he front doors for the first time and experienced what truly is a new era of patient care.
  • Jul 2009
    With President Barack Obama's recent easing of funding restrictions on embryonic stem cell research, and the support of key longtime supporters of stem cell research, such as Utah's senior U.S. senator, Orrin G. Hatch, the University of Utah is poised to make its mark in cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
  • May 2009
    Chief Nursing Officer Margaret Pearce lauds a year of 'huge strides' and a team of the 'best nurses in the country'.
  • Apr 2009
    April 18 marked the end of HUCs, pharmacists, and others trying to decipher a provider's handwriting. On that day, Burn Trauma ICU piloted the long-anticipated computerized provider order entry (CPOE), which will "go live" in all other inpatient areas on May 2.
  • Mar 2009
    Inpatient unit champions tear down barriers to an exceptional patient experience.
  • Jan 2009
    It seems the crane has become a permanent fixture and unofficial symbol of a decade of unprecedented expansion. After reading this issue of Pulse, you'll realize that the crane won't be leaving campus for another decade...or even two.
  • Nov 2008
    During an October clinic visit, Tina Legarreta bantered back and forth with Erin Davis, R.N., Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) coordinator, and Craig H. Selzman, M.D., professor of surgery. The appointment's lighthearted tone made it difficult to imagine just two months prior this vibrant woman was in hospice care and given only hours to live.
  • Sep 2008
    Emergency Preparedness Forums help staff ensure their families are well prepared in the event of a major disaster.
  • Jun 2008
    In our first green issue of Pulse, we've highlighted a few institutional commitments to sustainability as well some initiatives started by dedicated and passionate students, employees, and faculty members.
  • May 2008
    A new R.N. training program is designed to give University Health Care employees a chance to get their education while working. The program is a partnership among University Hospitals & Clinics, Salt Lake Community College, and the University's College of Nursing.
  • Apr 2008
    Elizabeth Sanders, 25, and her baby, Scarlett, underwent Utah's first EXIT procedure in January. The complex procedure, performed in Utah for the first time at University Hospital, involved faculty and staff from several clinical departments, as well as physicians and staff from three other hospitals. The U's new Fetal Therapy Program is designed to improve care for babies with birth defects, genetic conditions, and other problems associated with complicated pregnancies.
  • Mar 2008
    Deep Vein Thrombosis: A Silent Killer
  • Feb 2008
    The Future of Blood and Marrow Transplant: New technique boosts survival rate from 2.5 to 10 years
  • Jan 2008
  • Dec 2007
    The U's 2,000th Kidney Transplant: A Sister Gives Life, Hope to Younger Brother
  • Nov 2007
    U Recognizes AirMed Achievement at Dedication Ceremony for New Helipad
  • Sep 2007
    In a few heart beats - a five- to ten-second breath hold - the Definition Dual Source Computed Tomography (CT) scanner can capture a three-dimensional image of the heart.
  • Aug 2007
    Hospital completes 5 Eccles - the first phase of its ambitious expansion project
  • May 2007
    The Critical Care Nursing Internship program at University Hospital teaches nurses about taking care of higher acuity patients and eases them into a job.
  • Feb 2007
    Clinical Neuroscience Center Will Focus on Comprehensive Care and Research
  • Dec 2006
    Hospital Employees Work for a Smooth ExpansionThe project will add private patient beds and more clinical space, transform the approach to the hospital, and create a new lobby filled with updated amenities.