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Kidney Stones 101

December 06, 2017

Anyone who's ever had a kidney stone will tell you there's nothing else like it. ... Read more

UUHC named an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence

October 26, 2016

The University of Utah Health Care Thrombosis Service has been named an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence after passing the Anticoagulation Forum’s assessment program. ... Read more

Gold Medals and…Purple Spots?

August 09, 2016

On Sunday night, Michael Phelps won his nineteenth Olympic gold in the men’s relay. As he donned his gold medal, the champion swimmer also sported several unusual, perfectly round marks on his shoulders. The marks are from cupping therapy, an ancient healing practice that Phelps swears by.... Read more

Banned Blood: Why Not Everyone Can Donate

June 14, 2016

It’s World Blood Donor Day, yet not everybody can donate blood. ... Read more