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Mapping the Genome Jungle: Unique Animal Traits Could Offer Insight into Human Disease

March 06, 2018

Scientists at University of Utah Health are using animals' unique traits to pinpoint regions of the human genome that might affect health. The results of this project are available in the March 6 issue of the journal Cell Reports.... Read more

What You Need to Know About Glaucoma

January 22, 2018

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. ... Read more

World-Renowned Surgeon and Moran Alumnus Ike Ahmed Calls for Rethinking Glaucoma Treatment

May 25, 2017

Distinguished Alumni Award recipient Iqbal "Ike" Ahmed, MD, called on residents and ophthalmologists to challenge the status quo at Moran's 2017 Resident Alumni Day.... Read more

Glaucoma: The Silent Thief of Sight

January 11, 2017

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. Since awareness is the first step toward prevention, here’s what you need to know about preventing and monitoring this blinding disease—actually, a group of diseases that damage the optic nerve. ... Read more

Glaucoma and Pelvic Organ Prolapse: How Are These Two Diseases Related? Moran Physician, Barbara Wirostko, MD, Leads a Study to Show the Relationship and Why Treating the Whole Patient Matters

September 30, 2016

Moran Glaucoma Faculty Partners with the Utah Population Database, University of Utah Healthcare System, Duke University, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, and Genome Institute of Singapore to show the relationship between pseudoexfoliation and pelvic organ prolapse in a study published in JAMA Ophthalmolmology, September 15, 2016. ... Read more

Alan S. Crandall, MD Honored with AGS Humanitarian Award

February 25, 2016

Dr. Alan Crandall received a prestigious Humanitarian award from the American Glaucoma Society for his work in underprivileged areas around the globe. ... Read more

Share Your Eye Diagnosis with Family

December 21, 2015

You could be giving them the gift of sight. ... Read more

Eye on Diabetes

November 23, 2015

November is National Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month: Get the Facts, Pass Them On. ... Read more

Moran Eye Center Surgical Mission in Haiti to Be Joined by Senator Rand Paul

August 10, 2015

Presidential Candidate Senator Rand Paul will join the Moran in Haiti for his second international outreach trip to perform sight-saving surgery to those without access to healthcare.... Read more

David Krizaj, PhD, Discovers Glaucoma Treatments May Also Help Soldiers with Blast Trauma

April 01, 2015

Glaucoma is caused by increased pressure in the eye. Dr. David Krizaj has discovered that we can block those pressure sensors with pressure-reducing drugs, and we could protect cells from dying. ... Read more

Keep An Eye on Summer Safety

July 01, 2014

Here are some tips for avoiding eye injuries in the great outdoors.... Read more

Facebook Story an Example of Why Kids Need Eye Exams

April 16, 2014

A photo of three-year old Rylee posted to Facebook helped diagnose a rare disease and highlights the importance of eye exams in young children. ... Read more

Is it Necessary to Have Your Eyes Dilated During Every Eye Exam?

March 05, 2014

It depends on the reason for your eye exam, your overall health, and your risk for eye diseases. ... Read more

Utah Population Database Helps Glaucoma Researcher Learn More About Disease

May 07, 2012

Barbara Wirostko, MD, a clinical adjunct associate professor at the University of Utah School of Medicine Department of Ophthalmology, saw an opportunity to learn more about glaucoma through using a tool unique to Utah, the Utah Population Database.... Read more

IOL Selection Considerations in Glaucoma Patients

May 07, 2012

Dr. Norm Zabriskie, MD, is an associate professor and vice-chairman and director of clinical operations for the Moran Eye Center at the university of Utah School of Medicine. He discusses the intricacies of intraocular lens (IOL) selection for glaucoma patients in an article published in Glaucoma Today. ... Read more