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Biomarker Could Identify Patients With Potential to Recover From Advanced Heart Failure

January 17, 2017

Investigators at the University of Utah have identified distinct differences in the hearts of advanced heart failure patients who have defied the odds and showed signs of recovery from the disease. Published online in the journal Circulation, the new findings could help clinicians identify the best candidates for cardiac recovery therapies.... Read more

Fixing Failing Hearts: Leaders in Heart Recovery to Convene at Utah Cardiac Recovery Symposium

January 04, 2017

Can a failing heart recover? For many years, the answer to that question was unequivocally “No.” But as the University of Utah School of Medicine’s annual Utah Cardiac Recovery Symposium (U-CARS) will explore on Jan. 12-13, advances in treating heart failure are giving physicians, surgeons and researchers reason to hope the deadly disease might one day be defeated. ... Read more