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The Opioid Epidemic Has Boosted the Number of Organs Available for Transplant

May 16, 2018

The researchers examined 17 years of transplantation records and found no significant change in the recipients’ chance of survival when the organ donation came from victims of drug intoxication. The study publishes online on May 17 in the New England Journal of Medicine. ... Read more

Take Care of Your Kidneys

March 08, 2018

Your kidneys take care of you every day. They clean waste products out of your blood and eliminate excess fluids, turning them into urine to exit your body through your bladder. So, are you taking care of your kidneys? ... Read more

University Of Utah Health Sets New Records For Organ Transplants In 2017

January 03, 2018

Surgeons with University of Utah Health broke previously set records in five categories of organ transplant in 2017 and tied records previously set in two other categories. ... Read more

The Gift of Life: Living Kidney Donation

September 14, 2017

Numbers from the National Kidney Foundation show just how desperate the need is for living kidney donors. ... Read more

Penis Transplants Unlikely to Become Common

May 17, 2016

The first penis transplant in the U.S. is making headlines. However, the advancement does not mean that penis transplants soon will be commonplace. ... Read more

You May Have Hepatitis C and Not Know It

May 06, 2016

Hepatitis C is a disease of the liver. It kills thousands of people each year. It doesn't have to. ... Read more

Colin's Kidney - Live-Tweet of a Kidney Transplant

January 15, 2015

The official home for live updates of University of Utah Health Care's live-tweet of a kidney transplant.... Read more

Looking on the Bright Side: Life After Transplant

October 21, 2014

Scott Kent is moving on after a liver cancer diagnosis and liver transplant. ... Read more

Surgeons Perform First of its Kind Hep C to Hep C Kidney Transplant

July 31, 2014

University of Utah Health Care (UUHC) surgeons performed what is believed to be the first kidney transplant in Utah using an organ from a donor with hepatitis C.... Read more

A Different Type of Transplant

July 21, 2014

Autotransplant: one patient as both donor and recipient. ... Read more

A Lifetime of Service Honored

May 12, 2014

Dr. James Scott receives the prestigious Luella Klein Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists... Read more

Stefanie Mathewson - My Living Donor Story

April 25, 2014

Stefanie tells her story on why she chose to help others and become a donor.... Read more

Denise Hunter - My Living Donor Story

April 25, 2014

Denise tells how she came to the decision to become a living kidney donor and how she hopes more will consider living kidney donation.... Read more

Startling Facts About Organ Donation

March 20, 2014

Did you know that a new name is added to the U.S. organ transplant waiting list every 10 minutes? ... Read more

Elisa Anguiano - My Donor Story

March 10, 2014

There is something so wonderful about the fact that you can save the lives of multiple people by simply being an organ donor.... Read more

Liver Transplant Physician/Patient Encourages Others to Join Team Utah/Idaho at Transplant Games

February 12, 2014

Dr. Terry Box, a liver transplant physician (and recipient) at the University of Utah, is a prime example of how to make the most out of life. ... Read more

Organ Transplant Study Looking for Participants

January 28, 2014

Study seeking female children born to transplant patients before 1995, who have also had a pregnancy.... Read more

Fast Fact: Organ Donation

November 13, 2013

Learn the startling stats, and see one family's inspiring story.... Read more

Kidney Exchange Connects Strangers Through Life-saving Donations

September 19, 2013

How do you pay it forward? One Good Samaritan was inspired to help a stranger- any stranger. In the end it wasn't one life he saved¿but three. ... Read more