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$24 Million NIH Grant Funds HIV Research at U of U Health-Led CHEETAH Center

October 17, 2017

This $24 million grant, which will be distributed over five years, will empower research efforts to explore the fundamental structural biology of the HIV virus, from replication to infection. ... Read more

Virus-Inspired Delivery System Transfers Microscopic Cargo Between Human Cells

November 30, 2016

Scientists from the University of Utah and University of Washington have developed blueprints that instruct human cells to assemble a virus-like delivery system that can transport custom cargo from one cell to another. As reported online in Nature on Nov. 30, the research is a step toward a nature-inspired means for delivering therapeutics directly to specific cell types within the body.... Read more

Invaders in Your DNA

March 03, 2016

Not all of your DNA belongs to you. Some came from viral sources. Now, we know why. ... Read more

The Super Bowl and The Flu

February 02, 2016

The flu season is heating up just in time for the Super Bowl. That’s not good news for fans of the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers. A new study suggests there may be an increased risk of flu deaths for fans of teams that make it to the Super Bowl. ... Read more