Optimize Your Workouts

Participating in a performance evaluation will help you optimize workouts and achieve performance goals. The results of the evaluation will enable you to track performance gains and maximize the effectiveness of training sessions. In addition to the evaluation results, you will receive customized guidelines that can be applied in your training.

Tests We Offer

Maximal VO2 (VO2max) Test

VO2max Test Cost


includes max VO2, maximum heart rate, maximum power (watts), threshold

This test shows your aerobic capacity and athletic performance when you are working or playing at a high-aerobic activity. In addition to providing a marker of training effectiveness, you can also obtain other information that can help you better plan your training sessions. The test itself is about 8 to 12 minutes of graded running or cycling to exhaustion. During the test we monitor your EKG and gas analysis via a metabolic cart.

Wingate Test

Wingate Test Cost


This test assesses your maximum anaerobic capacity and power. It is useful for athletes requiring short intense efforts and requires an all-out 30 second sprint on a cycle ergometer.

Body Composition via Skinfold Caliper Testing

Body Composition via Skinfold Caliper Testing Cost


This test, when performed by a trained technician, provides an accurate measure of body composition. Whether you are tracking weight loss or looking for a specific composition for performance, skinfold testing is cost effective, convenient, and accurate.

Indirect Calorimetry (IC)

IC Test Cost


Indirect calorimetry, or resting metabolic rate, is the gold standard for measuring resting energy expenditure (REE). Meeting caloric needs for an athlete is crucial to maximize individual training sessions as well as avoid symptoms of over training. IC requires the individual to rest in a recumbant position for approximately 10 minutes while gas exchange is analyzed via a metabolic cart.