How a Registered Dietitian Can Help with More Than Just Losing Weight

Mar 13, 2020

What you eat impacts your health beyond gaining weight. An RDN can teach you to eat to treat physical ailments like kidney disease and cancer to mental health issues like ADHD and depression and a variety of other conditions. Sharee Thompson explains how a qualified registered dietitian can help ...

New Focused Ultrasound Treatment to Eliminate Essential Tremor

Mar 11, 2020

Essential tremor is a debilitating neurological disorder that can make daily life difficult. Treatments typically include medications with severe side effects or open skull brain surgery. But a new technology allows surgeons to treat the condition without making a single incision. Dr. Matthew ...

Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation? What Is the Best Option for You and Your Partner?

Mar 4, 2020

Your family is complete—you and your partner are considering permanent birth control. Does the father get a vasectomy, or does the mother get a tubal ligation? According to Dr. Alex Pastuszak, the decision should be easy. He explains why he’s strongly in favor of vasectomy and the reasons why it...

6 Reasons Women Love Men Who Get a Vasectomy

Feb 26, 2020

Vasectomies make men sexy. At least according to urologist and reproductive specialist Dr. Alexander Pastuszak. Dr. Pastuszak discusses six reasons why women might want men to get the procedure, as well as strategies for how a woman can start the discussion about permanent birth control with her ...

Small Breast Sizes Are Also at Risk of Breast Cancer

Feb 20, 2020

When it comes to developing breast cancer, size does not matter. A smaller breast does not lead to a smaller risk of developing a tumor. Women's health expert, Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones speaks with breast imaging specialist Dr. Helene Mrose about what really impacts the chances of developing breast ...

New Treatment Available for Urethral Strictures

Feb 19, 2020

A urethral stricture can seriously impact a man’s life. Previous treatments available had low success rate, but there are new options available to treat the condition. Dr. Jeremy B. Myers talks about the causes of urethral strictures and what urologists can do to fix them....

Random Acts of Kindness Can Make You Healthier

Feb 14, 2020

You're in the drive-thru and the person in front of you bought your order. You should do the same for the person behind you because not only is it fun to keep the chain of kindness going, but it also can improve your health. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones talkes about the health benefits of being kind....

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