growth through authenticity

A podcast on diversity and amplifying underrepresented stories and voices in medicine. Like a seed that blossoms, it takes time to grow into our true, authentic selves. The lessons we learn along the way add to our identities. Medical residents Harjit Kaur, Margaux Miller, and Leen Samha, together with medical students Lina Ghabayen, Hạ Lê, and Mariam Asadian, discuss the challenges of studying and practicing medicine, and how their diverse backgrounds influence their everyday lives in medical school and beyond. Through honest and thought-provoking conversations, BUNDLE OF HERS continues to grow and learn from their diverse experiences, and each other.

Latest Episodes

S4E19: The Line Between Personal and Business

Jul 1, 2021

How we choose to express ourselves in our personal lives shouldn't impact our careers and how professional—or unprofessional—others may deem us. But so often, we can be penalized or punished professionally for something personal. And this can lead to identities being hidden due to fear of being ...

S4E18: Dressing for the Job

Jun 24, 2021

Who we are is up to us to decide. The same should also apply to the clothes we wear and how we choose to present ourselves. But there is an unspoken—sometimes, even, spoken—dress code for working professionals that can be traced back to elitism. As doctors, why does what we wear indicate the ...

S4E17: Define "Professionalism"

Jun 17, 2021

Oxford Dictionary vaguely defines professionalism as, 'The competence or skill expected of a professional.' As working professionals, we may be asked to "be professional." But who defines the characteristics of professionalism? We're so often socialized to think about professionalism as ...

S4E16: The Personal is the Political

Jun 10, 2021

We often shy away from talking about politics, either because we've been socialized to not bring the topic up, or perhaps due to fear of causing conflict. But the reality is everything ties back to political power and capital, and not talking about politics creates opportunities to further keep in ...

S4E15: Collective Voices Against Oppression

Jun 3, 2021

From the food we consume to the clothes we wear, to the patients we treat—everything is interconnected. And that, unfortunately, means everything is tied to capitalistic gains where, more often than not, voices—human beings— are being oppressed. It's often not close to home, and so we don't ...

S4E14: Labor Movement - The Introduction

May 27, 2021

Is the person who picked your fruits and vegetables okay? Do they have proper PPE? Does the worker who made the clothes you're wearing have access to the appropriate needed health care? Are they paid fairly? As consumers, we're often protected from having to think or worry about these questions. But...

S4E13: Moving Towards Inclusive Feminism

Apr 29, 2021

White feminism is harmful and creates division—striving for equality in an oppressive system is impossible. We should dismantle the gender binary and remove the idea that one has to be better than the other; open our minds to the notion that there is space for everyone... because we are powerful ...