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Health Care Insider: Approaching End-of-Life Conversations as a Physician

Mar 31, 2017

End-of-life care is a difficult topic to discuss—not only for patients and loved ones but also for the physicians who treat them. It’s an important conversation for a doctor to have with their terminal patient, but how can you, as a physician, approach the topic without taking away hope? On this...

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Health Care Insider: One-Stop Women’s Health Care

Mar 9, 2017

Women's health is complicated, and truth is, no physician can be an expert on "all things woman." So how can clinics provide quality, comprehensive health care for women? Dr. Melissa McNeil has worked to develop a comprehensive care clinic for women at the University of Pittsburgh, where she is a ...

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Health Care Insider: Precision Medicine - The Ethics of Access

Dec 9, 2016

For precision medicine to work, it must include a diversity of people who can access it and take advantage of its benefits–something that’s not guaranteed. We asked Dr. Maya Sabatello, assistant professor of clinical bioethics, Department of Psychiatry, and co-director of the Precision Medicine:...

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Health Care Insider: Quality from a Patient’s Perspective

Dec 2, 2016

What is quality care? It depends on whom you ask. Turns out, patients have much different definitions of quality and successful outcome than doctors and hospitals. Understanding those differences is becoming an important component of doing well in the rankings and becoming a value-driven ...

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Health Care Insider: An Overview of the Challenges Facing Precision Medicine

Nov 28, 2016

Precision medicine is the future of health care because it allows for customized treatment and prevention of disease. However, there are still some very important ethical, technical, social and legal issues that need to be ironed out. We asked Emily Coonrod and Jorge Contrearas to give us an ...

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Health Care Insider: New Technology to Help You Find Your Way Through the Hospital Maze

Sep 30, 2016

When you go to the hospital, you may already be anxious and stressed. Navigating the maze of a large hospital can be frustrating and being lost is the last thing you want to do when seeking treatment. Luckily, at the University of Utah, a new online wayfinding system is being developed that not only...

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Health Care Insider: Visit Your Doctor Anywhere with an Internet Connection

Sep 23, 2016

Going to the doctor can be a hassle. Taking time off work, driving to the office and sitting in a waiting room can take hours to solve a, sometimes simple, problem. The University of Utah’s Virtual Visit program is using technology to address that issue by conducting a doctor’s visit online. ...

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