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These are the conversations happening inside health care that will transform health care. Experts talk about the challenges and opportunities facing the American health care system and how to provide the best health care value to the consumer. Be a part of the conversation on The Health Care Insider.

Health Care Insider: Tips for Strategically Using Data

Feb 12, 2016

Data can be incredibly useful to help inform big decisions—if you keep some key concepts in mind. Walter Douglas is the chief operating officer at the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. In this short podcast, he shares some of his insight and expertise on what to do and what to avoid when you are ...

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Health Care Insider: Helping Patients Better Communicate With Physicians For Successful Discharges

Feb 8, 2016

Doctors’ instructions can be hard to understand, especially when it’s time for discharge. Most major medical institutions write dismissal summaries at a 10-11th grade reading level. Dr. Martin Zielinski, associate professor of trauma surgery at the Mayo Clinic, says this is too high for most ...

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Help Me Understand Health Care: Ways to Reduce Health Care Spending

Jan 22, 2016

If you were in charge of the U.S. health care budget, how would you get spending under control? Turns out there are a lot of factors in play beyond economics, including our culture and lifestyles. In this episode of “Help Me Understand Health Care,” Dr. Kyle Bradford Jones asks professor of ...

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Health Care Insider: Dissecting America’s High Health Care Costs

Jan 8, 2016

Why are health care costs higher in America than anywhere else in the world? If you feel like that’s an overwhelming question and something you’ll never understand, you’re not alone. But don’t give up. Dr. Kyle Bradford Jones asks Dr. Norm Waitzman to explain this complicated issue in a way ...

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Health Care Insider: Why Social Media Matters if You’re a Physician and Why You Should Do it (Even if You Don’t Want to)

Dec 14, 2015

Why do physicians and hospitals need to be on social media? Simple. That’s where the patients are. It’s part of how they make health care decisions - even which doctor they ultimately see. Dr. Mike Sevilla has become social media expert using it to his advantage for many years. In this interview...

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Health Care Insider: Providing Better Care to Medically Complex Children

Dec 11, 2015

Some children have a lot of medical problems and, consequently, multiple providers. That’s hard for both patients and families to manage. Kids get disjointed care and parents run from place to place, trying to make sure their children are getting the care they need. But what if the payment models ...

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Health Care Insider: A New Way of Thinking About the Value of Population Health

Dec 4, 2015

We pay to educate our population so that we can support a strong and robust economy. But how do we protect our investment? What does it cost when people drop out of the economy because they are not healthy enough to work? What does that mean to an employer-driven healthcare marketplace? Is there an ...

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