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Two Medical Treatments for Reducing Fat in Problem Areas

Jun 1, 2016

You diet. You exercise. You do everything you can to live an active and healthy life, but you still have fat in those ‘problem areas.’ Those love handles, muffin tops and stomach rolls. Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair. Dr. David Smart talks about two medical treatments developed by ...

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Remove More Tattoo In Less Time With New Treatment

Apr 20, 2016

The picosecond laser is the most precise piece of laser technology available to dermatologists, capable of bursts as small as one-trillionth of a second. In skilled hands this laser can remove tattoo ink more effectively and with fewer treatments and potential complications than previous lasers. Dr....

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Mole Crowdsourcing to Detect Skin Cancer

Apr 15, 2016

Imagine this: during a skin self-exam you notice a growth or mole that looks suspicions but you aren’t sure. You take a picture of it with your phone using a special app that allows others to vote whether or not they think you should do something about it. The next day, you wake up and learn that ...

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How Laser Therapy Could Help Your Skin Troubles

Apr 5, 2016

Too much hair? Too little hair? Brown spots? Light spots? Wrinkles and fine lines? Dermatological laser therapy might be an answer to your skin problems. Your skin protects you from the environment, but over time the sun, wind and even pollution can damage it. Dermatologist Dr. David Smart explains ...

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I’m a Mosquito Magnet – Am I Normal?

Oct 8, 2015

Every time you spend some time outside you end up covered in mosquito bites. Why do they bite you more than anyone else? It turns out about one in five people seem to have this problem. In this podcast Dr. Kirtly Jones talks about what attracts mosquitos, from your blood type to what you wear....

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Eating Disorders Can Hurt Your Teeth

Oct 1, 2015

What you eat (or don’t eat) can have an impact on your oral health. Acidic foods and sugar free sodas wear the teeth down faster than most foods, and forcing yourself to throw up can be devastating for your pearly whites. In this podcast Dr. Kirtly Jones talks with Dr. Lea Erickson about the ...

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Am I Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Sep 10, 2015

Should you take daily vitamin D supplements? How much should you be getting? Dr. Kirtly Jones talks about recent studies on vitamin D and what they mean for you. She also discusses pros and cons of getting your daily dose of vitamin D from sunlight and supplements....

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