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Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Oct 18, 2016

Frozen shoulder is a type of capsulitis where the ligaments around the shoulder’s ball joint shrink up and restrict movement. For patients, frozen shoulder can be painful and debilitating. Dr. Tom Miller talks to Dr. Bob Burks, an orthopedic specialist at University of Utah Health Care, about the ...

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Modern Pain Management Means Shorter Hospital Stays After Joint Replacement

Oct 11, 2016

Joint replacement surgeries used to leave a patient laid up in bed for months, but times have changed. New implants, improved surgical techniques and even modern pain treatment have completely changed what a patient can expect with recovery. Dr. Tom Miller talks with Dr. Chris Peters, professor of ...

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Sooner is Better Than Later for Your Knee or Hip Replacement

Sep 20, 2016

Advancements over the past 20 years have led orthopedic specialists to pursue knee and hip replacement procedures sooner rather than later. Dr. Tom Miller talks with Dr. Chris Peters, professor of orthopedics, about how new prostheses, surgery techniques and rehabilitation have led to adopting this ...

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The Differences Between a Child’s and Adult’s Knee Injury

Sep 6, 2016

Kids and adults can both injure their knees doing the same things. Skiing accidents, overuse with sports, trips and falls. But kids’ bones are still developing well into their late teens, which can make treatment more risky. Dr. Tom Miller sits down with Dr. Stephen Aoki, professor of orthopedic ...

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What You Need to Know When Your Knee “Pops”

Aug 23, 2016

A sprained or torn ACL is pretty common in Utah. Hiking, running, skiing—or as Dr. Patrick Greis describes it, tying long boards to your feet and throwing yourself down a mountain—are good ways to injure a ligament. Dr. Geis, an orthopedic surgeon, talks with Dr. Tom Miller about everything you ...

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Physical Activity After a Knee or Hip Replacement

Aug 16, 2016

With the latest techniques and implants, younger people than ever before are replacing their joints with very few restrictions. Dr. Chris Pelt, a University of Utah orthopedic surgeon, talks about what patients can expect after a major joint replacement....

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Just Another Pulled Groin, or Is It Something Else?

Aug 9, 2016

Your coach says you might have a pulled groin while running or playing sports. But is that what it really is? Contrary to what people hear, groin pulls are not common. Multiple groin pulls are even less common. Dr. Tom Miller talks to Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Travis Maak about what really could be ...

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