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Physical Activity After a Knee or Hip Replacement

Aug 16, 2016

With the latest techniques and implants, younger people than ever before are replacing their joints with very few restrictions. Dr. Chris Pelt, a University of Utah orthopedic surgeon, talks about what patients can expect after a major joint replacement....

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Just Another Pulled Groin, or Is It Something Else?

Aug 9, 2016

Your coach says you might have a pulled groin while running or playing sports. But is that what it really is? Contrary to what people hear, groin pulls are not common. Multiple groin pulls are even less common. Dr. Tom Miller talks to Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Travis Maak about what really could be ...

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Listener Question: My Arch Hurts After Just Three Miles of Walking

Aug 8, 2016

This week’s Scope listener question is about acute arch pain when walking long distances. The pain usually goes away by the next day, but the pain stops long walks and makes hikes short. Orthopedic specialist Dr. Emily Harold shares some simple exercises you can do at home to help keep your arches...

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Horses Can be More Dangerous than Motorcycles

Aug 5, 2016

August is the month with the highest reported horse-related injuries in Utah, according to emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen. Additionally, injuries from falling off a horse are one of the top-five causes for serious extended hospital stays. Dr. Madsen explains what makes horse-related ...

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Do You Need a Hip or Knee Revision?

Aug 2, 2016

A hip or knee replacement can last 15 years on average, 30 years with newer technology. But sometimes a replacement might not hold that long when implants become loose or develop inflections. This is when you’ll need a revision. Dr. Tom Miller talks to orthopedic specialist Dr. Chris Pelt about ...

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Encourage Your Child Athlete to Play Several Sports, Not Just One

Jul 29, 2016

Pressure from coaches and the drive to secure those competitive sports scholarships can make parents urge their child athlete to specialize in a single sport. It may seem counterintuitive, but recent studies show that playing many sports can be beneficial to young athletes. Sports medicine ...

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Treating Dislocated Shoulders in Athletes

Jul 26, 2016

Shoulder instability, also known as a dislocated shoulder, is a common injury among athletes. Typically, the shoulder can be put back into place and treated with mild pain medication and rehabilitation. Yet, after experiencing their first dislocation, many people are more likely to suffer subsequent...

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