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Drug Treatment Prevents Polyps In High-Risk Cancer Patients

Apr 19, 2016

A randomized clinical trail led by Huntsman Cancer Institute investigators finds that a combinatorial chemotherapy reduces precancerous polyps by 75 percent in patients at high-risk for cancer. This advance represents the first prevention therapy against the leading cause of death, cancer of the ...

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Mole Crowdsourcing to Detect Skin Cancer

Apr 15, 2016

Imagine this: during a skin self-exam you notice a growth or mole that looks suspicions but you aren’t sure. You take a picture of it with your phone using a special app that allows others to vote whether or not they think you should do something about it. The next day, you wake up and learn that ...

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Should I Worry About Thyroid Nodules?

Apr 13, 2016

You’ve just been told by a primary care physician you have thyroid nodules. It might sound like a worrisome thing, but it isn’t that unusual. Nearly one-half of the U.S. population has them and most of the time they are benign. However, you should still have an expert evaluate them. We asked ...

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Five Tips for Family Caregivers of Advanced Cancer Patients

Mar 30, 2016

When you have a family member with advanced cancer, the final days can be very difficult, especially if you are also their caregiver. However, they can also be a special experience. Clinical psychologist Lee Ellington has done a lot of research on this topic and has identified five things that can ...

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Overwhelmed with Information on Colorectal Cancer Treatment? Talk to Your Doctor

Mar 23, 2016

Patients today have access to more information than ever before when it comes to our health. But with something as serious as colorectal cancer, no amount of research can replace the expertise of a physician. Dr. Courtney Scaife highlights the importance of having a specific diagnosis and how that ...

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Game On! A Mother's Fight Against Colon Cancer

Mar 16, 2016

Carri Lyons was only 39 years old when she was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. And that wasn’t even her first cancer diagnosis. This is Carri's story about clashing with cancer twice and how her “game on” approach has kept her going. She also talks about how she made the treatment decision ...

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Is Surgery Needed to Treat Lung Cancer?

Mar 1, 2016

Surgery has been shown to be a very effective treatment for curing lung cancer patients with localized, non-small cell lung cancer. Even though it is the most common type of lung cancer—affecting 85 percent of patients—surgery is only effective if done early in treatment. Dr. Thomas Varghese, ...

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