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How to Prevent Gum Disease in Adults

Aug 31, 2016

A recent study shows that 70-90 percent of adults will have gum disease at some point. Gum disease can be a sign of many issues. Dr. David Okano shares talks about how to prevent and stop gum disease, and what to do if you are already suffering....

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Are There Benefits to Using Fluoride-Free Toothpaste?

Aug 10, 2016

More natural toothpaste options are popping up in the market, and many of these are fluoride-free. Are they as effective as toothpastes that contain fluoride? Dr. David Okano shares what the truth is behind these toothpastes, and what is most effective to avoid tooth decay....

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Is Fluoride in your Drinking Water Bad for You?

Jul 13, 2016

There are some people that say fluoride is bad for you, but is it? In the past 50 years, many studies have shown that fluoride in drinking water is beneficial and that a small amount in the water helps children have healthy teeth. Dr. David Okano stops by to share what fluoride is and how it can ...

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What Does it Mean if You Have a Sensitive Tooth?

Jun 29, 2016

Having a sensitive tooth is a pretty common problem, but what does it mean? Teeth that are sensitive to cold are the most common and could be caused by receding gums. Having teeth that are sensitive to heat, is more of a serious concern. Dr. David Okano shares what sensitive teeth mean, what causes ...

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How to Check for Tooth Decay in Toddlers

Mar 14, 2016

Tooth decay is the most common chronic children’s disease in the country—even more chronic than allergies. Over 40 percent of children will have tooth decay before kindergarten. And those who have it are more likely to suffer from cavities in adulthood. Dr. Cindy Gellner tells you how to check ...

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How to Get Your Child to Stop Sucking Their Thumb

Feb 22, 2016

Thumb sucking is a common comforting habit in younger children. Because a baby’s desire to suck their thumb is essential for life, Dr. Cindy Gellner actually discourages trying to stop thumb sucking during the first few years before permanent teeth come in, usually around 4-5 years of age. But ...

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Eating Disorders Can Hurt Your Teeth

Oct 1, 2015

What you eat (or don’t eat) can have an impact on your oral health. Acidic foods and sugar free sodas wear the teeth down faster than most foods, and forcing yourself to throw up can be devastating for your pearly whites. In this podcast Dr. Kirtly Jones talks with Dr. Lea Erickson about the ...

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