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Editing Genes in Human Embryos to Prevent Genetic Disease

Aug 24, 2017

If you knew you had a genetic illness that could pass onto your biological children, do you know what options are available to prevent transmission? Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones explores some of the techniques available to parents that can prevent genetic disease in the embryo, as well as new ...

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Training Your Body to Run

Aug 23, 2017

“One of the best things that have been found to address or treat lower back pain is simply be more active.” Sports medicine physician Dr. Michael Henrie from University of Utah Health talks about the benefits of and how to prepare your body for running—live from Be Well Utah’s Family Night ...

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Treating Your Child’s Bug Bites

Aug 21, 2017

Summer weather can often lead to bug bites. What do you do if your child gets bit by an insect while playing outside? From mosquito bites to a bite from a black widow, pediatrician Dr. Cindy Gellner talks about the most effective treatments for bug bites....

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Health Care Insider: Population Health Can Change Health Care

Aug 16, 2017

Population health is a new way of approaching health care that emphasizes prevention in a population rather than treatment of an individual. Angie Fagerlin, chair of the Department of Population Health Sciences at University of Utah Health, explains how a population-focused approach could improve ...

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Should You be Taking Antibiotics?

Aug 15, 2017

For years, antibiotics were the go-to treatment option for many medical conditions. But new evidence shows that the overprescribing or incorrect use of these medications can lead to worse infections, potential superbugs, and even hurt your microbiome. Dr. Sara Lamb discusses the best uses, what they...

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Baby Boomers Should Test for Hepatitis C

Jul 27, 2017

One in 25 baby boomers (people born between 1945 and '65) test positive for hepatitis C. It's the most common chronic blood-borne pathogen and the most common cause of chronic liver disease or liver cancer. Once you've contracted it, it doesn't go away. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones explains why baby ...

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How Do I Treat Poison Ivy?

Jul 21, 2017

We’ve all heard nightmare stories of falling into poison ivy and the terrible, itchy rashes that ensued. The poisonous plant can seem downright terrifying. But how bad is poison ivy really? Emergency room physician Dr. Scott Youngquist describes what you can expect after touching poison ivy and ...

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