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Chest Pain That Isn’t Caused by a Heart Attack

Jun 12, 2018

You feel a pain in your chest and left arm. You immediately start worrying that you're having a heart attack. At what point do chest pains equal a heart attack? Emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen shares what chest pains can mean. He also discusses the symptoms and feelings of a heart attack ...

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Why You Should Care About Your Cholesterol

May 23, 2018

Most of us know having high cholesterol is generally a bad thing. But what exactly is cholesterol? It’s not only a major signpost for your overall health, but it can lead to heart attack or stroke. Dr. Tom Miller from University of Utah Health explains what cholesterol is, breaks down the numbers,...

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ER or Not: Heart Racing

Sep 15, 2017

If you find your heart suddenly racing, is that cause for concern? Whether to worry or not depends on other symptoms and how long the racing lasts. Emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen talks about some potentially serious conditions you should be mindful of, and how ER doctors might treat them....

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Treating an Aortic Dissection

Aug 23, 2017

Sometimes the aorta—the largest blood vessel in our bodies—can tear, allowing blood to flow between layers of the aortic wall. This dissection can block blood from flowing to other parts of the body, including the brain and other vital organs. Cardiac surgeon Dr. Jason Glotzbach says this can ...

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Am I At Risk for an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm?

Aug 22, 2017

An aneurysm is a stretched out blood vessel that can lead to complications if ruptured. Aneurysms are caused by smoking and certain genetic factors. Vascular surgeon Dr. Claire Griffin talks through the most common type of aneurysms, an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Find out how they’re detected and ...

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Aortic Disease Program at U of U Health

Jul 28, 2017

The Aortic Disease Program at University of Utah Cardiovascular Center is a specialized clinic that specifically treats diseases of the aorta. Dr. Jason Glotzbach and Dr. Claire Griffin, specialists from the center, talk about why such a specialized clinic is important and the advantages it can give...

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Seven Questions for a Cardiologist

Jun 14, 2017

On this episode of Seven Questions for a Specialist, cardiologist Dr. John Ryan answers what he thinks is the best—and worst—thing you can do for your heart, why he chose to specialize in cardiology and what advancements he's most excited about in the field of cardiology....

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