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Sex After a Heart Attack—When is it OK?

Feb 24, 2016

Fewer than 20 percent of heart attack victims discuss with their doctors when it’s OK to have sex again. As a result, some patients worry about when is too soon and whether something bad happen. Cardiologist Dr. John Ryan offers some reassurance and says there’s a simple test you can do on your ...

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For the Sickest Heart Attack Patients, Outlook is Poorest Within 60 Days After Discharge

Feb 17, 2016

Medical advances have improved outcomes for heart attack patients, even for the sickest patients who undergo cardiogenic shock, a condition where the heart can’t pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs. Yet a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology reveals ...

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The Mediterranean Diet is the Best Diet for a Healthy Heart

Feb 4, 2016

Diet enthusiasts talk and blog about it all the time—the Mediterranean diet. It can be difficult to follow, but it’s one of the better-known diets for a healthy heart. Medical director of Preventive Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation Dr. Lillian Khor talks with Dr. Kirtly Jones about why the ...

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The Super Bowl and Heart Attacks, Is That Really a Thing?

Feb 3, 2016

Every year around this time you see the posts about how the number of heart attacks increase on Super Bowl Sunday. Is that legit or just a good story to pass around on social media? We asked cardiologist Dr. John Ryan if it’s for real....

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Seven Steps to a Healthier Heart

Jan 21, 2016

Your heart pumps about 100,000 times a day. It pushes your blood around 12,000 miles a day. So what do you need to know to take care of it? There are seven main features you need to consider: smoking status, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar level, diet and physical activity. Medical ...

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High Cholesterol – Serious as a Heart Attack

Jan 20, 2016

You may know someone who has high cholesterol and isn’t taking it seriously. How can you help them better understand how important cholesterol levels are as an indicator of heart attack risk? By listening to this podcast and then sharing it with them. Cardiologist Dr. John Ryan tells us how ...

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Helping the Heart Repair Itself

Jan 15, 2016

Instead of getting a transplant or a mechanical assist device, what if there was a treatment that helped the heart repair itself? There is. It’s called regenerative heart therapy and Dr. Philippe Menasche, a pioneer in the field, has been working on it for the past 20 years. Recently, a patient ...

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