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What Your Heartbeat Might Mean for Risk of Stroke

Jul 29, 2014

Atrial fibrillation and stroke, are they related and can it be treated? Dr. Tom Miller talks to Stroke Specialist Dr. Dana Dewitt about diagnosis, treatment options, new medicines, and whether aspirin is a viable treatment option....

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What Makes a Good Artificial Heart Candidate?

Jun 3, 2014

Only 2,500 hearts are available nationwide for transplant, but about 100,000 patients with advanced heart failure could benefit from such surgery. Dr. Craig Selzman, associate professor of cardiothoracic surgery, talks about the changes in artificial heart technology that are filling that void. ...

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Artificial Hearts: Past, Present and Future

May 27, 2014

Advanced heart failure can be as deadly as many cancers. Fortunately, technology has improved significantly since the first artificial heart was implanted at the University of Utah in 1981. Dr. Tom Miller sits down with heart transplant surgeon Dr. Craig Selzman to talk about how far the devices ...

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Using Technology to Diagnose Stroke Victims

Feb 24, 2014

The sooner a specialist can see a stroke victim makes a huge difference in the quality of their recovery. Telestroke is a form of telemedicine that gives patients in rural areas better access to those specialists. We asked Dr. David Renner, a neurologist at the University of Utah Hospital who also ...

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Why Women Experience Heart Attack Symptoms Differently Than Men

Feb 7, 2014

A heart attack affects men and women in the same way, but the different sexes experience the symptoms differently. Many women even dismiss the symptoms. Dr. John Ryan talks about why women’s symptoms are different, what symptoms women should look out for and why women shouldn’t dismiss heart ...

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ER or Not: Chest Pain

Feb 5, 2014

According to emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen, chest pains are one of the most common problems seen in the ER. While there’s always the chance that chest pains indicate a heart attack, you’ll be surprised to find out what percentage of those cases are false alarms. Dr. Madsen talks about...

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More Than a Metaphor – Broken Hearts Are Real

Jan 30, 2014

When someone says they have a broken heart, most of us think it’s just a metaphor for expressing their extreme emotional pain. But there actually is a medical condition called broken heart syndrome, which manifests itself very much like a heart attack. Dr. John Ryan talks about its causes, ...

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