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Frequent Bathroom Trips During the Night

Apr 12, 2017

Men in their 50s and 60s may begin taking more trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It’s annoying and messes with your sleep schedule, but is it something concerning regarding your health? Urologist Dr. Gary Faerber explains why most men need to use the restroom more often as they age...

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Do You Live Longer If Your Doctor Is A Woman?

Jan 12, 2017

A recent study by JAMA Internal Medicine finds that older people with female doctors generally have lower mortality and hospital readmission rates. Women’s health expert Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones says after a closer look, the study found only a slight difference for patients whose doctors were ...

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Listener Question: Been Trying for a While, But Can’t Get Pregnant

Sep 1, 2016

There could be a variety of reasons why a woman can’t become pregnant. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones answers this week’s listener question about what to do if you and your partner have been trying to get pregnant, but can’t. (For more on infertility, go here.)...

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Women and Men are Different, So Doctors Need to Treat Them Differently

Aug 25, 2016

Men and women aren’t the same when it comes to physiology, but the male body has been the default in medical research. Today, doctors and researchers are identifying the differences between men and women and how best to treat each individual more effectively. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones details the ...

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My Partner is Suddenly Not Interested in Sex – Am I Normal?

Apr 21, 2016

Low sex drive is not uncommon in men, with 20 to 25 percent expressing having little interest for an extended period in the past year. But what about a sudden drop in male libido? It may be a touchy subject for some men, but it’s worth discussing if you feel your partner isn’t acting normal in ...

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Lifestyle Changes That Can Increase Testosterone Levels

Jan 13, 2016

There are a lot of natural products that claim they can increase your testosterone levels. But according to Dr. James Hotaling, none of them have been proven to help. There are, however, some lifestyle changes you can make that are supported by research. Find out what they are and also what you ...

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Men’s Lifestyle Choices and Offspring Health

Dec 15, 2015

Turns out that a man's lifestyle choices can affect the health and development of a baby. Smoking, drinking, even stress can likely be transmitted via the sperm and increase a baby’s risk for various diseases such as pediatric cancer. Dr. Tim Jenkins, an infertility researcher, says the impacts a ...

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