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Helping a Young Child Cope After a Stressful or Traumatic Event

Aug 22, 2016

From separation anxiety on the first day of school to serious injuries or accidents, young children experience stress and trauma just like everyone else. What can parents do to comfort a child without spoiling or overprotecting them? Dr. Katherine Rosenblum, director of the infant and early ...

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What to Do When a Teen's Anger Spirals Out of Control

Jul 18, 2016

Mood swings and confused emotions are common in growing teenagers. Anger is a normal emotion, but how your teen handles it is what matters. When a teen becomes really angry, there is often another emotion driving the anger. Dr. Cindy Gellner discusses five steps you, as a parent, can discuss with ...

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What Can You Do if Your Teen is a Cutter?

Jun 20, 2016

Many people today are looking for ways to relieve stress, but don’t know how to do it. Unfortunately, many teenagers are turning to cutting as stress relief and as a way to feel again. Dr. Cindy Gellner shares why teenagers are cutting and where they can get help....

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New Strategy to Consider for Treatment of Addiction

May 4, 2016

Emerging science in the study of addiction may fundamentally change the way we approach and treat addiction. University of Utah psychotherapist Eric L. Garland, Ph.D, discuss new research that shows how addiction may actually be a symptom of “normal learning gone awry” and how doctors at the U ...

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Young Adults With Autism May Be More Likely to Succeed if Parents Have High Expectations

Apr 29, 2016

When parents of autistic teens have high expectations, they are more likely to have the skills they need to live independently, reports a study published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders. The transition to adulthood can be difficult for people with autism. Suddenly, subsidized ...

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Support and Resources for Later Life with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Apr 27, 2016

Autism effects people their entire lives. Yet most research about the autism spectrum focuses on childhood and adolescence then goes straight to geriatrics. But what about autism in adulthood? What resources are available to aging parents of people with autism and the adults with autism? Scott ...

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My Partner is Suddenly Not Interested in Sex – Am I Normal?

Apr 21, 2016

Low sex drive is not uncommon in men, with 20 to 25 percent expressing having little interest for an extended period in the past year. But what about a sudden drop in male libido? It may be a touchy subject for some men, but it’s worth discussing if you feel your partner isn’t acting normal in ...

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