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Don't Sabotage Your Valentine’s Day

Feb 11, 2016

Many women struggle with Valentine’s Day expectations: if he loved me, he’d know what I wanted; if he doesn’t do something big, he doesn’t care; surprises are more romantic. If this sounds familiar, Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones has advice on how to better approach it to set your partner up to ...

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Get Help for Seasonal Affective Disorder

Dec 30, 2015

If you feel tired, sad or depressed in the winter months, it could be seasonal affective disorder (SAD). If it’s serious, you should Google the phone number of a local crisis line and get help immediately. In Utah, that number is 801-587-3000. If it’s not an emergency, you can try some treatment...

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Helping Your Child with Autism Transition Into Adulthood

Dec 18, 2015

There are some common things that parents of children with autism do that create a barrier to their child's transition into adulthood. Court Allred, a social worker with the Autism Clinic of Utah, sees two common patterns: parents that are doing too much and those that are doing too little. In this ...

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How Utah’s SAD Winter Affects Your Mood

Dec 16, 2015

Depression caused by seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is higher in Utah and other northern latitudes. What are the unique conditions here that exacerbate the problem? We asked psychiatrist Dr. Jason Hunziker about the reasons why, key warning signs that indicate you or a loved one might be ...

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Do I Have the Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression?

Oct 29, 2015

Being pregnant and giving birth make a woman’s hormones go haywire. All those hormones and life changes can make a new mom feel very emotional, vulnerable and sad. Up to 85 percent of women experience the baby blues for a week or two, but if your anxiety and sadness don’t go away, it might be ...

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Is Your Child The Cyberbully or the Cyberbullied?

Oct 19, 2015

Kids are often very reluctant to tell adults if they’re being cyberbullied and even less likely to talk about it if they’re teasing another kid. If you suspect your child has been the victim or the perpetrator of teasing on the internet, what can you do? In this podcast Dr. Cindy Gellner gives ...

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Talking, Treatment, and Making the Home Safe: Ways to Help Prevent Kids From Committing Suicide

Oct 12, 2015

Suicide is the third most common cause of death from kids aged 10-19. Children and teens suffering from depression, whether it is being treated or not, are much more likely to think about taking their own life. If you worry that your child is having suicidal thoughts, there is help. Dr. Cindy ...

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