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New Diabetes & Endocrinology Clinic Provides Resources for Patients Struggling with Weight & Metabolism

Jul 31, 2015

The University of Utah has a new diabetes, obesity and metabolism clinic with all kinds of treatments and services for patients. Dr. Tim Graham is the medical director of the diabetes, obesity and metabolism programs at University of Utah Health Care. In this podcast he highlights many of the ...

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When Suffering or Recovering From Cancer, Exercise is More Important Than Ever

Jul 27, 2015

Years ago, cancer patients were told to limit physical activity and rest, but new research shows that exercise is the way to go. Dr. Pamela Hansen is the medical director at the Wellness and Survivorship Center at Huntsman Cancer Institute, and she has seen many patients transform after they begin ...

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Daily Exercise—Instead of Meds—to Reduce Back Pain

Jul 21, 2015

Back problems are painful. You might be thinking that more movement will cause more pain, so medication is your safest bet. But medicine is neither the only nor the best treatment for back pain. Dr. Richard Kendall talks with Dr. Tom Miller about treating back pain without medication. The two ...

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An Active Lifestyle Could Lead to Ankle Arthritis

Jul 14, 2015

Unlike knee and hip arthritis, ankle arthritis usually surfaces in patients who are much younger and often lead very active lives. In this podcast, Dr. Tom Miller talks to specialist Dr. Alexej Barg about the main factors that lead to arthritis in the ankle and how patients can work to prevent it. ...

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Preventing Neck and Back Pain in Cyclists

Jun 9, 2015

The positions that cyclists get into both on mountain and road bikes can put a lot of strain on the neck and back. Dr. Tom Miller talks to osteopath Dr. Rich Kendall, chair of the Department of Rehabilitative Medicine at the University of Utah, on the best way to keep the neck and back healthy when ...

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From Stretchers to Skiing: Recovering From a Stroke

May 28, 2015

Amy Steinbrech suffered a stroke on New Year’s Eve of 2012. In this podcast, she interviews Stacey Turner, a physical therapist who worked with Amy to help her get back on her feet and in her skis. They talk about setting realistic goals for physical recovery and staying motivated to keep pushing....

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What's the Difference Between Personal Trainers and Athletic Trainers?

Apr 9, 2015

Though they sound very similar, there are big differences between the training and basic job duties of athletic trainers and personal trainers. Sports medicine specialist Dr. Amy Powell and Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones discuss the differences and similarities between the two. Although their jobs differ, ...

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