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How to Watch the Solar Eclipse Without Damaging Your Vision

Aug 18, 2017

The Great American Total Solar Eclipse will be taking place the morning of August 21st. You will definitely want to look up to see the sky go dark, but watching an eclipse without protection is as bad as looking directly at the sun. Ophthalmologist Dr. Jeff Pettey talks about the potential damages ...

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What to Do About Those Floaters in Your Eyes

May 17, 2017

People may often see little moving proteins—called floaters—in their eyes. Ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Zaugg explains what floaters are, why they occur, and why they generally occur more in older people. He'll also tells you some tips for managing floaters....

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Seven Questions for an Eye Expert

Sep 7, 2016

On this episode of Seven Questions for a Specialist, The Scope speaks with Dr. Amy Lin, ophthalmologist at Moran Eye Institute. What’s the best and worst thing you can do for your eyes? What are the most common eye problems? Dr. Lin has the answers to these questions and more....

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New Understanding How the Eye Works is Leading To Novel Approaches for Treating Glaucoma

Aug 31, 2016

When we rise out of bed in the morning, the pressure within our eyes changes massively - by 100-fold - and yet no damage is done. David Krizaj, Ph.D., Moran Eye Center investigator and professor of ophthalmology at the University of Utah, has discovered mechanisms that protect cells within the eyes ...

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PRK: The Other Laser Surgery Option for Your Eyes

Mar 28, 2016

When you think of corrective vision surgery, LASIK may be the first procedure that comes to mind, but did you realize there are other options available that might be better for you? PRK is an older, yet effective, laser treatment that gives the same results as LASIK, and is an option for people that...

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The Latest Techniques for Cornea Transplant Surgery

Mar 22, 2016

As scary as it might sound, cornea transplant surgery is actually very safe. Advances in the past 10 years have even allowed eye surgeons to shorten recovery time for some procedures from six months to around two weeks. Dr. Mark Mifflin talks about the procedure and the techniques he and other Moran...

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Knowing What to Expect Helps LASIK Patients Feel More Comfortable

Feb 16, 2016

Even though hundreds of thousands of LASIK procedures are performed safely every year, it can still be scary. Dr. Mark Mifflin at the Moran Eye Center finds that when patients know what’s going to happen, much of that fear goes away. In this podcast, he walks you though the procedure so you know ...

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