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Thinking of LASIK? What to Know First

Aug 25, 2015

If you’re unable to wear contacts or glasses, or just plain tired of them there are other options to help correct your vision. The obvious one is LASIK, which can not only improve vision but also help with near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. Dr. Tom Miller and Dr. Bala Ambati ...

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Changing Vision? How to Make Sure Your Eyes are Healthy

Aug 18, 2015

The eyes stop growing when most people are in their twenties. By then, most people have a stable prescription for contact lenses or glasses if they need it. So if you suddenly notice your vision is worsening or getting cloudy, you might start to worry. In this podcast, Dr. Tom Miller and Dr. Bala ...

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Are Your Eyes Developing Cataracts?

Aug 4, 2015

Fifty years ago, cataract surgery was a big deal. Even if you could afford it, it was a painful operation that took a week or more of bed rest recovery afterward. Today, cataract surgery can be performed in 10 minutes and you can go back to work the next day. Dr. Tom Miller and ophthalmologist Dr. ...

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Exciting New Treatments For Glaucoma

Feb 25, 2015

Anyone who has glaucoma knows there’s no cure for it and no way to reverse the damage to the optic nerve or the resulting vision loss. Dr. Norm Zabriskie, a glaucoma specialist at the Moran Eye Center, says exciting new treatments—such as eye drops that don’t need to be taken every day—and ...

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I Have Glaucoma – Now What?

Feb 10, 2015

You just learned you have glaucoma and your eyesight is at risk. While there is no cure for glaucoma, there are several ways to slow its progression. Dr. Norm Zabriskie, glaucoma expert at the Moran Eye Center, talks about your treatment options. He talks about why it’s sometimes difficult, but so...

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Learn the Basics of Glaucoma to Prevent Future Blindness

Jan 12, 2015

Glaucoma is something we hear about, but you probably don’t know just how serious it is. If left untreated for long enough, glaucoma can damage your eyes to the point of blindness – and nothing can reverse it. Glaucoma expert Dr. Norm Zabriskie talks about how this eye condition works and how to...

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Control Your Diabetes to Save Your Vision

Nov 13, 2014

Diabetes often leads to eye problems that can eventually cause blindness. Dr. Bill Barlow, ophthalmologist at Moran Eye center discusses how this happens and what patients with diabetes can do to keep their eyes healthy for many years to come....

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