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Physicians' perspectives on the health and medical issues that impact you and your family. With access to over 1,000 board-certified physicians trained in 200 medical specialties from University of Utah Health, Health Minute helps you better understand your health and the health topics you’re hearing about. Produced by The Scope Radio, Health Minute is a daily prescription of practical advice so you can live a happier and healthier life.

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Are High Heels Bad for Your Feet?

Nov 13, 2020

Evidence suggests high heels can hurt your feet and ankles. On today's Health Minute, Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones says wearing heels occasionally is okay, but everyday wear can create foot pains. Dr. Jones also suggests some simple exercises to relieve the foot of stresses that high heels can cause....

Exercise During Pregnancy? Benefits and Limitations

Nov 12, 2020

There seems to be so many things you’re not supposed to do during pregnancy: Don’t eat shellfish. Don’t get a manicure. No rollercoasters. But what about exercise? On this Health Minute, perinatologist Dr. Amy Sullivan insists pregnancy shouldn’t slow you down and discusses the benefits of ...

3 Ways to Succeed With Your Healthy Eating Plan

Nov 11, 2020

Many of us enter the new year with healthier eating ambitions. On today's Health Minute, registered dietitian Theresa Dvorak offers three tips to help you succeed with a healthy eating plan....

Should I Go to the ER for Really Bad Back Pain?

Nov 10, 2020

You’re experiencing extreme pain in your back—is it bad enough that you should go to an emergency room? On this Health Minute, we play "ER or Not" with emergency physician Dr. Troy Madsen, as he shares what symptoms you should be on the look out for to see if your back pain is something more ...

Men Should Get a Prostate Cancer Screening

Nov 9, 2020

About one in ten men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point during their lifetime. On today’s Health Minute, Dr. Jonathan Tward discusses when you should start getting screened and what it could mean for your health....

Dentist Visits are Necessary and Safe During COVID-19

Aug 14, 2020

Even during a global pandemic, it's important to continue routine dental care to prevent future dental issues. On this Health Minute, Dr. Rory Hume from University of Utah School of Dentistry talks about the precautions dentists are taking during the COVID-19 pandemic....

Eye Rubbing Can Damage Your Eyes

Apr 29, 2020

It might feel good to rub your eyes if they itch, but chronic eye rubbing can result in a weakening and distortion of the cornea. On this Health Minute, ophthalmologist Dr. Mark Mifflin talks about the damages of rubbing your eyes. Learn more about this health topic in the full-length interview....

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