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Latest Episodes

When Should I See a Doctor About Hip Pain?

Mar 17, 2021

Sore and creaky joints are parts of getting older, but could that aching hip be signs of something more serious? On today’s Health Minute, Dr. Mattheau Eysser describes the signs of hip arthritis and when you should see a doctor about treating your joint pain....

My Child Knocked Out a Tooth

Mar 16, 2021

Maybe your child took a hard spill while skiing or a direct hit during a game of football, but you find him with a tooth in his hand rather than his mouth. On today's Health Minute, dentist Dr. Hans Reinemer walks us through the steps to save that tooth....

Women Are More at Risk for Heart Diseases Than Men

Mar 15, 2021

Heart diseases are the No. 1 killer of women—causing more deaths than all cancers combined. On today's Health Minute, women's health expert Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones explains why post-menopausal women are more at risk than their male counterparts, and what women can do to prevent heart diseases. ...

Who is at Risk of an Opioid Overdose Death?

Mar 12, 2021

You may have a mental image of the type of people who are at risk of an opioid overdose, but it may not reflect reality. Dr. Jennifer Plumb says most stereotypical thinking is wrong—children, middle-aged women and elders are actually more likely to experience an overdose. On today's Health Minute,...

Women Should Drink More Water

Mar 11, 2021

According to OB/GYN Dr. Melani Harker, the No. 1 health tip for women is to “drink more water.” On today's Health Minute, learn about the health benefits of proper hydration as well as how much water you really should be drinking in a day....

ER for Severe Tooth Pain?

Mar 10, 2021

Should you seek emergency medical help if you have an extreme toothache? On today's Health Minute, emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen explains what an ER can and cannot do for your severe tooth pain. Learn more about this health topic in the full-length interview....

Common Myths About ADHD

Mar 9, 2021

Children with Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often go untreated because of misconceptions parents have about the condition. On today's Health Minute, Dr. Trevor Wilde explains why talking with a medical professional about your child's potential ADHD is the best thing for your child....