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Pediatrician Dr. Cindy Gellner is passionate about preventive care and the power of reading aloud to your children. Dr. Gellner will keep parents informed about the latest trends and issues facing children today, plus give tips that will help raising your kids a little less stressful.

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The Basics: Newborn Reflexes

Jul 18, 2022

Newborns make a lot of strange movements and exhibit unexpected behaviors during the first year of life. They can startle at nothing, suck at the air, cross their eyes, breathe funny, and more. New parents may be a little worried about what is and isn’t normal. Pediatrician Cindy Gellner, MD, ...

Does Your Child Really Need a Vitamin Supplement?

Jul 6, 2022

As a parent, you’ve seen commercials saying you need to give your kid chewable vitamins or special, expensive supplement drinks for them to grow and develop properly. Do children really need supplements? Probably not. Pediatrician Cindy Gellner, MD, explains why even the pickiest eater is probably...

The Basics: Why is Your Child Crying?

Jun 20, 2022

New parents may be surprised at just how often their baby cries. It is their main form of communication after all. Hungry, bored, in need of a diaper change, they will cry for many reasons - and often. Pediatrician Cindy Gellner, MD, goes over the basics of crying for parents. From newborn to ...

What Can Parents Do for Their Baby During a Formula Shortage?

Jun 6, 2022

Many parents in the United States are scrambling to find baby formula. What are you supposed to do with a hungry baby at home and empty shelves at the store? Pediatrician Cindy Gellner, MD, shares how you can feed your baby and support other parents in this difficult time....

Does My Child Have a Sensory Disorder?

May 30, 2022

Sensory disorders in children have recently been added as an official psychiatric diagnosis and are estimated to impact as many as 15% of kids in the US. These conditions are marked by a significant sensitivity to sounds, textures, tastes, or brightness and can be quite disruptive to their behavior ...

Contact Dermatitis Could Be the Culprit for Your Child’s Rash

May 23, 2022

Have you ever put a piece of clothing or jewelry on your child to have them break out in a rash or hives? It’s called contact dermatitis, and it’s more common than you may think. Cindy Gellner, MD, explains the condition and how you can treat and prevent those itchy rashes your kid may get with ...

Long Haul COVID in Children

May 16, 2022

In general, kids do pretty well if they catch COVID-19. But Cindy Gellner, MD, is seeing a significant number of kids experiencing symptoms from the disease for weeks if not months after the initial infection. The ongoing symptoms seem to impact children regardless of how severe their illness was. ...