They say men don't care about their health. We disagree.

This podcast is for men. Hosted by emergency physician Dr. Troy Madsen together with The Scope Radio producer Mitch Sears and senior producer Scot Singpiel, three regular guys just trying to live a healthy life without it taking over their life. Subscribe and empower yourself to take ownership of your health and decisions that will impact your life now and in the future.

Latest Episodes

Sideshow: Troy Runs the Boston Marathon

Nov 9, 2021

After six years of running and COVID deferring the event, Troy was finally able to achieve his goal of running in the Boston Marathon. He shares his experience at the event, his changing relationship with fitness goals, and what's next in his health journey....

91: Migraine Update with Dr. Karly Pippitt

Nov 2, 2021

In a previous episode, Troy and Mitch both described their debilitating headaches and learned that there are treatments available to get relief. Headache specialist Dr. Karly Pippitt is back to check in and see if the guys have found relief for their migraines....

Sideshow: Olympic Sleep Consultant

Oct 26, 2021

Learn how the U.S. Olympic weightlifting team used a sleep performance director to optimize performance and his tips about getting better sleep....

90: Mitch's Two Year Quitversary

Oct 19, 2021

After a decade of smoking and vaping, producer Mitch quit. Yet, it hasn't all been rainbows and unicorns. After two years, Mitch still finds himself struggling with occasional cravings. Cessation specialist Edlira Farka with Huntsman Cancer Institute's Center for HOPE Tobacco Cessation Program joins...

Sideshow: Battlefield Acupuncture

Oct 12, 2021

Troy shares a recent study that shows evidence that acupuncture of the ear may help treat back pain. But how does producer Mitch already know about battlefield acupuncture and how it’s practiced?...

89: Checking in with Listener Scot

Oct 5, 2021

It’s been about six weeks since listener Scot spoke about wanting to improve his blood pressure and lose a few pounds. So what kind of improvements has he seen after taking Thunder Jalili and Dr. Madsen’s advice about increasing his physical activity and speaking with a nutritionist?...

88: Did You Call My Liver Fat?

Sep 21, 2021

Listener Brett was recently diagnosed with liver disease due to excess body fat. A fatty liver diagnosis could severely impact his quality of life, but he’s not quite sure what to do now. Dr. Susan Pohl shares her expertise to explain what causes excess fat in the liver and what you can do to ...