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They say men don't care about their health. We disagree. This podcast is for men. Hosted by Dr. Troy Madsen and Scot Singpiel, two regular guys just trying to live a healthy life without it taking over their life. Subscribe and empower yourself to take ownership of your health and decisions that will impact your life now and in the future.

Latest Shows

Physical Therapy to Treat Pain

Jul 30, 2019

If it hurts, move it! It may sound backwards, but it may lead to real relief. Physical therapist Keith Roper explains why pain is so complex and the best way to treat it. Also, what to do if you almost drowned, Troy’s renewed faith in humanity, and Scot’s blood saves a baby. ...

Dealing with Stress

Jul 23, 2019

Troy is house hungry. Scot introduces Reginald Rat Pants. "Alexa, call an ambulance." Your Echo could detect heart attacks. Yes, a rattlesnake bite is worth a trip to the ER. Nick Galli shares pro tips about dealing with stress. ...

Solving Infertility Issues

Jul 16, 2019

Tai Chi is stressing Scot out. Troy finds out volunteering is good for your health. Screen time is not just hard on your eyes. ER or Not - you got burned. Dr. Alex Pastuszak talks fertility and what you can try before you go to the doctor. ...

What is Mental Health Anyway?

Jul 9, 2019

Scot’s 10,000 daily step reality is shattered. Troy learns how to nap like an astronaut. ER or Not - you cut yourself. Guest: licensed clinical social worker Kevin Curtis. ...

Sleep Trackers

Jul 2, 2019

Does that expensive sleep tracker on your wrist work? Probably not. At least, not the way you think it does. Sleep specialist Dr. Kelly Baron shares her professional opinion on sleep devices. Also, what to do if you step on a rusty nail, it’s all downhill at age 27, and a new video game addiction ...

Putting a Physical Therapist on Your Healthcare Team

Jun 25, 2019

Ride an e-scooter? You’ll probably end up in the ER in your first 10 rides. Really. Learn how scoot safely today. Also—learn how a physical therapist can keep you moving and pain-free, especially before you’re injured and what to do if you’re hit in the head by a foul ball. ...

Troy Hurts His Leg

Jun 18, 2019

Troy heard a tear in his leg after tripping during a run. All alone. 8 miles from his car. In the San Rafael Swell. He shares his story of a trail running injury and some tips for treating and recovering from sports injuries. Also—what to do if you get electrocuted. Your diet may literally kill yo ...

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