Talking Admissions and Med Student Life

with Dr. Benjamin Chan

The ultimate resource to guide you on your journey to and through medical school. Get the inside scoop from pre-med advisors, physicians, faculty, alumni, and current medical students about all areas of medical school. Topics will range from tips to getting admitted (and having your application stand out), to familiarizing yourself with the culture of medical student life, and finally how to prepare for a residency and the Match. Hosted by Dr. Benjamin Chan, Associate Dean of Admissions at the University of Utah's School of Medicine, 'Talking Admissions and Med Student Life' brings valuable information to anyone thinking about a career in medicine whether you're in high school, pre-med or already a medical student. The views and opinions expressed in these podcasts are solely those of the participants, and in no way reflects those of the UUSOM.


Latest Shows

Episode 110 – Parvathi and Anish, successful couples match and recent graduates of University Of Utah School Of Medicine

Oct 17, 2018

“Nobody will understand what it’s like to go through medical school other than the people going through it with you; to have someone in a relationship with you whose going through the same thing, it’s unbelievable.” Parvathi and Anish met during their first week of medical school, but were o ...

Episode 109 – Annie, spouse of a recent graduate at the University Of Utah School Of Medicine

Jul 11, 2018

“Just as you’re figuring out something, it changes on you.” Peter and Annie met in junior high school, but didn’t start dating until a few years later. When Peter decided to apply for med school, Annie knew that she would stand by his side and support him throughout the journey. We discuss h ...

Episode 108 – Antigone and Ira, successful couples match and recent graduates at University Of Utah School Of Medicine

Jun 27, 2018

“Am I really going to derail the path that I’m on right now to line up with somebody else?” Antigone and Ira have different versions of how they met, but it was the journey here to UUSOM that brought them together. We talk about what it meant to be a couple in med school and the big decision t ...

Episode 107 – Zach, spouse of recent graduate at the University of Utah School Of Medicine

Jun 13, 2018

“Try to put them first and reduce the stressors in their life.” Zach met his wife Tenley, while she had taken a year off to improve her application for medical school. We talk about what it was like to go through the process of transitioning from a regular job life to a medical student life, and ...

Episode 106 – Successful couples match and recent graduates here at University Of Utah School Of Medicine

May 30, 2018

“It’s really nice to come home to someone or to hang out with someone that gets it.” Madison and Noah met for the first time in the beginning of their first year of medical school and got to know each other well when they were grouped together in anatomy lab. We talk about what it was like to ...

Episode 105 – Danielle, spouse of a medical student here at the University Of Utah School Of Medicine

May 16, 2018

“The first year was hardest for me just because I wasn’t sure if I need to help him balance his studying or if I just needed to support him studying nonstop.” Danielle met her husband while they were both student ambassadors at Weber State University pursuing medicine. In this episode, we talk ...

Episode 104 – Alex, MD/PhD Student at University of Utah School of Medicine

May 2, 2018

“Having an aspirational figure I could kind of see that this was a career that I wanted and then exploring other options and then and then ultimately deciding that both research and the physician track were what I wanted to do.” Alex grew up watching her mother work as a physician-scientist and ...

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