Talking Admissions and Med Student Life

with Dr. Benjamin Chan

The ultimate resource to guide you on your journey to and through medical school. Get the inside scoop from pre-med advisors, physicians, faculty, alumni, and current medical students about all areas of medical school. Topics will range from tips to getting admitted (and having your application stand out), to familiarizing yourself with the culture of medical student life, and finally how to prepare for a residency and the Match. Hosted by Dr. Benjamin Chan, Associate Dean of Admissions at the University of Utah's School of Medicine, 'Talking Admissions and Med Student Life' brings valuable information to anyone thinking about a career in medicine whether you're in high school, pre-med or already a medical student. The views and opinions expressed in these podcasts are solely those of the participants, and in no way reflects those of the UUSOM.


Latest Shows

Episode 91 – Tanner, Second Year Student at University of Utah School of Medicine

Oct 4, 2017

 “The most challenging, but yet the most enjoyable educational experience I’ve ever had; just a blast. I absolutely loved it!”With finals out of the way, Tanner reflects back on his first year of medical school and the path that led him there. He shares what inspired him to become a doctor, ...

Episode 90 – Natasha, Recent Graduate and Internal Medicine Residency Match Student at UUSOM

Jun 14, 2017

 “I made a goal of an effort to spend some time in the cities that I thought I would like that I had never been to during interview”Natasha walked into her third year rotations with an open mind, ready to see what type of medicine would pique her interest and leave her clamoring for more. We ...

Episode 89 – Kara, Recent Graduate and Psychiatry Residency Match Student at UUSOM

May 31, 2017

 “Expect the unexpected in third year because that is what will happen”Kara had a strong pull towards pediatrics as she entered medical school, but her third year rotations set her on a different course entirely. We talk about the unexpected path she encountered and how it led to dual applying ...

Episode 88 – Jake, Recent Graduate and Orthopedic Surgery Residency Match Student at UUSOM

May 24, 2017

“Regardless of where I’m going, I’m doing ortho and that’s all I care about”Jake always had it in the back of his mind that he wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon and med school only solidified that.  With an above average Step 1 score, but a below average one for the orthopedic surgery ...

Episode 87: Susan - Returning Guest and OB/Gyn Residency Match Student at UUSOM

May 17, 2017

 “What else would I be doing? What else would I do with my time that I would love more? I couldn’t think of anything. I love what I do and I still have a very robust social and family life.”We’re excited to welcome Susan back as a guest on the Pod. She was one of our first episodes four ...

Episode 86: Haleigh - Family Medicine Residency match student here UUSOM

May 10, 2017

“I realized that what I loved in OB/GYN was actually when I would deliver with the family medicine physicians.”Haleigh enjoyed all of her third year rotations, but her experience with Family Medicine struck a chord and it wasn’t long before she realized that was the path for her career to ...

Episode 85: Melissa - OB/GYN Residency match student at UUSOM

May 3, 2017

“It’s definitely stressful to have an idea of what you want to do because you have this added stress of wanting to excel in that rotation. I think there’s just so much more personal stress that you put on performing well.”As the daughter of an OB/GYN physician, Melissa was able to learn and ...

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