Talking Admissions and Med Student Life

with Dr. Benjamin Chan

The ultimate resource to guide you on your journey to and through medical school. Get the inside scoop from pre-med advisors, physicians, faculty, alumni, and current medical students about all areas of medical school. Topics will range from tips to getting admitted (and having your application stand out), to familiarizing yourself with the culture of medical student life, and finally how to prepare for a residency and the Match. Hosted by Dr. Benjamin Chan, Assistant Dean of Admissions at the University of Utah's School of Medicine, 'Talking Admissions and Med Student Life' brings valuable information to anyone thinking about a career in medicine whether you're in high school, pre-med or already a medical student. The views and opinions expressed in these podcasts are solely those of the participants, and in no way reflects those of the UUSOM.


Latest Shows

Episode 67: Riann and Knut - current fourth year students and couples match participants here at UUSOM

Apr 13, 2016

“I wasn’t prepared for how emotional the couples match process was. It’s been stressful; you make a lot of compromises.” Riann and Knut started dating during their first year of medical school and were recently matched in the couples match program. We talk about the process involved, why ...

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Episode 66: Tina - recently matched and current fourth year student, here at UUSOM

Mar 23, 2016

I know that Ophthalmology is for me because I sort of went into everything else saying this is what I’m going to do, and then ruled it out based on that.”Tina entered med school with an interest in Ophthalmology, but decided to keep an open mind and experience everything as if it were a ...

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Episode 65: Noelle - a fourth year medical student here at UUSOM

Mar 9, 2016

“Medicine is really a way of life, being a physician became part of my identity.”When Noelle entered medical school, she initially thought psychiatry would be the field of choice. We talk about what attracted her to dermatology, why it is important to use your resources early on in a ...

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Episode 64: Ben - fourth year medical student here at UUSOM

Feb 24, 2016

“As I look back on medical school and all the happy memories that I have, they all have to do with my classmates.”With his fourth year in medical school nearly behind him, Ben is looking forward to the future, but will never forget those that made an impression upon him that will last a ...

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Episode 63: Katie - fourth year medical student at UUSOM

Feb 10, 2016

“It is important to keep an open mind and go into each rotation feeling like you’re going to give it your all.”The final year of medical school is one filled with transitioning, mentoring, interviewing for residency and getting a refresher on how to be an intern in residency. Katie and I talk ...

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Episode 62: Dr. Chuck Norlin - Pediatrician and Medical Educator here at UUSOM

Jan 27, 2016

“How do we implement things safely but quickly once we know how it ought to be done and how do we build systems to enable us humans to do it better all the time?”Dr. Norlin’s passion for the ever changing field of pediatrics keeps him engaged in searching for methods of improvement and ways to ...

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Episode 61: Michael - former Nuclear Engineer and current first year student here at UUSOM

Jan 13, 2016

“I felt like what I was doing was very likely to never be used and it made it very hard for me to get engaged in what I was doing.” After receiving a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from #MIT and five years into his career at an Idaho National Lab, Michael felt he had more to offer and knew medicine ...

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