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Dr. Tom Miller, Chief Medical Officer and Internal Medicine at University of Utah Hospital, talks to medical experts about a wide array of health topics.


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Will You Actually Live Longer if You Quit Smoking?

Nov 8, 2016

We all know smoking cigarettes is bad for you. It causes significant health problems including lung cancer and COPD. Lung tissue, once damaged, cannot repair itself. So if you quit smoking, will it really help you live longer?

How to Prevent Shoulder-Related Sports Injuries

Nov 1, 2016

Pitching a baseball creates tremendous stress on an athlete’s arm, making shoulder injuries common among baseball players. Dr. Tom Miller talks to orthopedic surgeon and former athlete

Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Oct 18, 2016

Frozen shoulder is a type of capsulitis where the ligaments around the shoulder’s ball joint shrink up and restrict movement. For patients, frozen shoulder can be painful and debilitating. Dr. Tom Miller talks to

Modern Pain Management Means Shorter Hospital Stays After Joint Replacement

Oct 11, 2016

Joint replacement surgeries used to leave a patient laid up in bed for months, but times have changed. New implants, improved surgical techniques and even modern pain treatment have completely changed what a patient can expect with recovery.

The Difference Between Strains, Sprains and Fractures

Oct 4, 2016

A sprain is an injury to a ligament. A strain is an injury to a muscle. A fracture is an injury to a bone. Why is it important to know the differences? Dr. Emily Harold, professor of orthopedics at University of Utah ...

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