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Being healthy is more than just your physical health. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones discuss all the aspects that contribute to women's health. You'll also get some great ideas how you can improve your health and the health of your families.

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Pelvic Prolapse is a Painful but Treatable Condition

Oct 22, 2020

Did you know women who have had vaginal births and female paratroopers both have an increased risk for pelvic prolapse? This condition is caused by a stretching of the supports of the uterus and cervix and means they can drop into the vagina. It can be painful and uncomfortable. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jo ...

Breast Cancer in Men

Oct 15, 2020

Men make up one percent of all breast cancer cases in the United States. When it comes to breast cancer, the signs, symptoms, and treatments of the condition are the same for men as they are for women. So should men be getting tested for breast cancer as well? Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones explores breast ...

Tubal Ligation or Tubal Removal: Which Procedure is Right For Me?

Sep 10, 2020

There are two sterilization methods for women who choose to end childbearing: ligation and removal. Tubal sterilization can also decrease a woman's risk of some types of ovarian cancer by 30-50 percent. Women's health expert Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones discuss the differences between tubal ligation vers ...

The Importance of Exercise for Aging Women

Aug 27, 2020

For women over 50, it’s “move it or lose it,” says women's health expert Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones. Weak bones from osteoporosis or creaky joints from arthritis are more likely to develop with age. The best way to prevent these conditions is exercise. Dr. Jones highlights the importance of exerc ...

I'm Peeing More As I Age – Am I Normal?

Aug 13, 2020

Thirty percent of women ages 40-50 have an overactive bladder: more bathroom breaks during the day, urgent trips waking you up at night. According to women’s specialist Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones, there are a few reasons for an overactive bladder, but this is normal. Find out what could be causing yo ...

Can Stress Really Turn Your Hair Gray?

Jul 30, 2020

Seeing your hair turn shades of gray can be shooking, especially if you're not yet at the age when gray hair would normally start appearing. Why and how does hair turn gray, and why do some people "turn gray" earlier than others? Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones talks about the science and medical research b ...

Health Consequences of Feeling Lonely

Jul 23, 2020

Nearly half of Americans are lonely. According to Merriam-Webster's definition, loneliness is "being without company, cut off from others; sadness from being alone." Loneliness is common and can lead to both poor social and health consequences beyond mental health. Women's health expert Dr. Kirtly P ...

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