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Being healthy is more than just your physical health. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones discuss all the aspects that contribute to women's health. You'll also get some great ideas how you can improve your health and the health of your families.

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Reduce Stress by Dividing the Housework

May 14, 2020

Ideally, housework is divided equally between members of a household. But stress and tension can happen when what's perceived as "fair" to one person doesn't match what another person feels is "fair." Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones talks about the importance of balancing the housework within a family, espe ...

Maintaining Your Diet and Nutrition During Life Disturbances

May 7, 2020

For a lot of Americans, physical distancing means being confined in a space close to your refrigerator. It also means a lot of snacking and, according to research, a lot of junk food. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones feels the temptation herself, but explains why it’s so important to keep your diet healthy ...

Shortness of Breath: Anxiety or Coronavirus?

Apr 30, 2020

Shortness of breath, heart-pounding, and chest pain can all be physical signs of anxiety. But they can also be signs of coronavirus as well. Doctors can distinguish the two if you're at the hospital, but what if you're at home in the middle of the night? Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones talks about the diffe ...

Stress Drinking: Alcohol Consumption Increases During COVID-19

Apr 23, 2020

Sales of alcoholic beverages in the United States have increased 55% compared to this time last year. Our lives are stressful and alcohol consumption can be a common way to self-medicate those stresses. Women, especially, are more likely to use alcohol to cope with depression and anxiety. Dr. Kirtly ...

Cleaning Your Home (the Safe Way) During COVID-19

Apr 16, 2020

It's important to keep your home clean, even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cleaning can also help relieve feelings of anxiety. But specific disinfecting products, when used together, can do more harm than good. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones talks about the dos and don'ts of stress-cleaning. ...

Are Heart Attacks on the Rise in Young Women?

Mar 20, 2020

Doctors once assumed that women didn't have to worry about heart attacks until menopause, but a new study contradicts that. New findings reveal an increase in women suffering heart attacks—more alarmingly, an increase in young women. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones discusses the findings and why women sho ...

Small Breast Sizes Are Also at Risk of Breast Cancer

Feb 20, 2020

When it comes to developing breast cancer, size does not matter. A smaller breast does not lead to a smaller risk of developing a tumor. Women's health expert, Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones speaks with breast imaging specialist Dr. Helene Mrose about what really impacts the chances of developing breast ca ...

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