with Dr. Troy Madsen

How can you tell if it's heartburn or a heart attack? What do you do if someone you love has a stoke? Dr. Troy Madsen, Emergency Department physician, answers these questions and more. He'll give you perspective and information to help you decide if it's really an emergency and what to do in those situations. From falls to the flu, Dr. Madsen will keep you informed about the common reasons why people end up in the ER so you can avoid a trip there yourself.

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ER or Not: When Should I Go to the Emergency Room?

Apr 20, 2020

The ER is for emergencies—we know this. But which health conditions classify as "emergencies" can be confusing. During the COVID-19 pandemic, especially, it's important to know the guidelines of coming into the ER. Emergency physician Dr. Troy Madsen talks about the ABC(and D)s of when you should ...

Is Mental Confusion a Symptom of Something Serious?

Aug 2, 2019

You or somebody you know suddenly becomes confused. What does it mean? There are a number of things that could cause this confusion. But if there are other symptoms that appear with confusion, this can be quite serious. Dr. Troy Madsen shares about what this confusion can mean. He also shares what t ...

Health Hack: Sit Less at Work

Jun 28, 2019

Sitting for long periods of time may be as harmful to your health as obesity and smoking. On today’s Health Hack, Dr. Troy Madsen has a few ways you can get up and moving throughout the day to stay healthy. ...

3 Things that Can Kill Young, Healthy People

Jun 7, 2019

Generally, people who are young and healthy aren't necessarily prone to dying—but, there are still exceptions. Emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen talks about the top three health conditions that can kill people who are otherwise healthy and the warning signs that may be overlooked or mistake ...

Health Hack: Bring an Antibiotic When Traveling Abroad

May 3, 2019

What would you do if you develop a urinary tract infection while traveling abroad? On today’s Health Hack, emergency physician Dr. Troy Madsen explains why bringing an antibiotic with you when traveling may save your vacation. ...

Health Hack: Removing a Foreign Object Stuck in Child's Nose

Apr 26, 2019

Your child stuck something small deep up their nose. So far up there, you can’t seem to retrieve it. Emergency physician Dr. Troy Madsen shares a useful—but kind of gross—health hack that may save you a costly trip to the emergency room. ...

Health Hack: Lose Weight By Cutting Soda

Mar 22, 2019

If you’re struggling to lose weight, today’s Health Hack may be for you. Dr. Troy Madsen explains how cutting one large soda a day can lead to losing up to a pound a week. ...

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