From the Frontlines

with Dr. Troy Madsen

How can you tell if it's heartburn or a heart attack? What do you do if someone you love has a stoke? Dr. Troy Madsen, Emergency Department physician, answers these questions and more. He'll give you perspective and information to help you decide if it's really an emergency and what to do in those situations. From falls to the flu, Dr. Madsen will keep you informed about the common reasons why people end up in the ER so you can avoid a trip there yourself.


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Health Hack: Super Glue For Cuts

Oct 12, 2017

Emergency rooms and clinics sometimes use glue rather than stitches for smaller lacerations. On today's Health Minute, emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen share one of his favorite health hacks: using super glue to save a trip to the ER. ...

ER or Not: Got Sprayed With Pepper Spray

Oct 6, 2017

Somehow, you got sprayed with pepper spray. It’s in your eye, it stings, and you’re probably feeling really uncomfortable. But is getting pepper strayed a reason to go to the ER? Emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen says, “probably not.” Hear what you can do at home, and when a trip to t ...

ER or Not: Panic Attacks

Sep 29, 2017

For those who are suffering a panic attack, a trip to the ER might seem necessary. And while ER doctors can give medication to help calm you down, emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen says most panic attacks are probably not something you absolutely need to go to the ER for. Listen to find out t ...

How to Best Handle a Drug Overdose

Sep 22, 2017

If you are present during an overdose, do you know what to do? According to emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen, the most important thing you should do is call 911 and seek emergency help. Learn about the myths about overdose treatment and the potential complications that can come if you attemp ...

ER or Not: Heart Racing

Sep 15, 2017

If you find your heart suddenly racing, is that cause for concern? Whether to worry or not depends on other symptoms and how long the racing lasts. Emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen talks about some potentially serious conditions you should be mindful of, and how ER doctors might treat them. ...

ER or Not: Hernias

Sep 8, 2017

You’re helping friends move some heavy furniture and suddenly feel a pop in your abdomen. Maybe you have a small protrusion and think it could be a hernia. It may look scary, but is it a reason to rush to the ER? Emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen talks about what exactly a hernia is, how so ...

ER or Not: Broken Blood Vessel in Eye

Aug 25, 2017

A broken blood vessel in the eye can look nasty. But is it worth a trip to the ER? Emergency room physician Dr. Troy Madsen talks about when you should seek emergency help and when you can just see your ophthalmologist. ...

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