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These are the conversations happening inside health care that will transform health care. Experts talk about the challenges and opportunities facing the American health care system and how to provide the best health care value to the consumer. Please visit to be part of the conversation or request to talk about a topic.

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Health Care Insider: Compassion Fatigue - When It Becomes Too Much for Nurses to Care

May 10, 2019

Nursing can be not only physically and mentally demanding, but also emotionally draining. Nurses must treat their patients with kindness and compassion for long and demanding shifts. Some nurses, however, can burn out on caring for patients. It’s called Compassion Fatigue, and Patricia Morton, for ...

Health Care Insider: Focus On How Your Patients Define Value

Nov 27, 2017

When discussing the topic of value in health care, you need to ask your patients how they define it. Dr. Michael L. Good, Dean of the University of Florida College of Medicine, talks about their value philosophy. He shares some specific initiatives, how medical schools can train future doctors how t ...

Health Care Insider: Driving Surgery with Data

Sep 5, 2017

Until recently, neurosurgeons lacked significant data to confidently predict the outcome of a surgery. In recent years, a registry of data gathered from how patients perceive their surgical outcomes is helping physicians—and their patients—have better forecasts for surgical outcomes. Dr. William ...

Health Care Insider: Population Health Can Change Health Care

Aug 16, 2017

Population health is a new way of approaching health care that emphasizes prevention in a population rather than treatment of an individual. Angie Fagerlin, chair of the Department of Population Health Sciences at University of Utah Health, explains how a population-focused approach could improve ov ...

Health Care Insider: Knowing the Costs Can Positively Change Health Care

Jun 23, 2017

Health care organizations are utilizing modern electronic methods to find the specific costs of procedures. Dr. Ken Kawamoto, medical information officer at University of Utah Health talks about how this knowledge can help improve their quality of stewardship and patient care. ...

Health Care Insider: From Concept to Reality—Robotic Brain Surgeon Drill

Jun 13, 2017

University of Utah scientists recently revealed a robotic drill that can reduce the most delicate part of brain surgery from more than two hours to just a few moments. The drill has potential to make a big impact on the future of neurosurgery, but what did it take to make this concept a reality? Dr. ...

Health Care Insider: Creativity Matters in Medicine

May 5, 2017

Divergent thinking and accepting failure as an important part of a learning process are part of what it means to be creative in medicine, according to Dr. Jay Baruch, director of the Concentration in Medical Humanities and Ethics at Brown University. He speaks with Dr. Gretchen Case about how doctor ...

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