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Med Student Mentor: Standing Out in a Residency Interview

Nov 6, 2015

Residency interview season is here, and you’re probably getting nervous about an interview you’ve secured. How do you make yourself stand out from other applicants and put your best face forward? We interviewed Dr. Caroline Milne, the residency program director for internal medicine at the Unive ...

Med Student Mentor: Beyond the Diagnosis—Implementing Fine Arts in Medical Education

Jul 23, 2015

Film presentations and art projects are usually not what you would expect to find at a medical school. But Dr. Gretchen Case from the University of Utah School of Medicine says this is a new and creative way of teaching the fundamentals of medicine that all medical students need to become a brillian ...

Med Student Mentor: Considering an MD-PhD? Get the Inside Scoop from Someone Who Just Got One

Jun 29, 2015

Med Student Mentor, Andrew Meschter, talks to Ryan Craig MD-PhD about the program, what it’s like, his experiences, and the advantages of the dual degree. He also gets some tips for someone considering becoming a research scientist. ...

Med Student Mentor: Learning Spanish for Medical Practice

Jun 23, 2015

Many people take language classes at some point in their life, but there’s a big difference between passing required language tests and being proficient in a language in a working environment. Dr. David Gontrum is a physician who speaks Spanish every day in his clinic. In this podcast, he talks ab ...

Med Student Mentor: Working With Hispanic Patients

Jun 15, 2015

As populations of immigrants in the United States grow, it’s important to not only understand differences in cultural practices, but also be willing to accept them as a physician. Dr. David Gontrum has spent many years working with Hispanic patients. He shares some lessons he’s learned over the ...

Med Student Mentor: Being a Politically Active Medical Student

May 15, 2015

Health care policy affects the way future physicians practice medicine, so as a med student you might be interested in getting involved. But where do you start? In this podcast, first year medical student John Sanchez interviews Nika Nour, a former House staffer. She provides some tips for where to ...

Med Student Mentor: Pursuing a Career In Infectious Disease

May 1, 2015

If you’re considering specializing in infectious disease, Dr. Andy Pavia has advice for you. He is chief of the pediatric infectious disease unit at the University of Utah and he’ll tell you how to get started in med school and what extra curricular activities can set you on the right path to a ...

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