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Med Student Mentor: The New MCAT and What You Need to Know

Nov 14, 2014

The Medical College Admissions Test is undergoing a huge revision that will appear in 2015. Becky Rice and Jen Page from MCAT discuss how the new version will affect scoring and admissions. They also give you some insider details on the update MCAT to help you study. ...

Med Student Mentor: All Things Research

Oct 31, 2014

Quality, in-depth research experience may get you into medical school, but lack of research experience may not rule you out. For those interested in research, Dr. David Wofsy from the University of California, San Francisco, recommends starting early and making a meaningful contribution. He gives ...

Med Student Mentor: University of California, San Francisco

Sep 26, 2014

For pre-med students applying to UCSF medical school, diversity is key. A deliberately broad-based enrollment contributes to an expansive view of medicine. Dr. David Wofsy describes UCSF’s role as a state-sponsored university to provide doctors that serve the needs of the community in research, ...

Med Student Mentor: Balancing Med School

Sep 12, 2014

Riding a bicycle requires balance, especially if you’re in medical school. Competitive bicycle racer Tim Mulvihill talks about finding time to pursue your passions, even during med school. Given a choice between science, a medical career, volunteering or just going for a spin, Tim answers, “all ...

Med Student Mentor: Interviewing Tips From the Associate Dean of Admissions at Harvard Med School

Sep 4, 2014

What you say and how you say it might get you into Harvard Medical School. Dr. Robert J. Mayer, Faculty Associate Dean of Admissions at Harvard Medical School explains the interview process. He suggests some interview dos and don’ts and explains what potential applicants can expect to encounter ...

Med Student Mentor: Getting a Head Start on the Application Process

Aug 28, 2014

Want a better chance of getting accepted to med school? Ann Diggins, director of student and educational affairs, University of Nevada Medical School, advises giving yourself plenty of time to complete the med school application process. From tips for arranging your class schedule to accumulating ...

Med Student Mentor: University of Nevada School of Medicine

Aug 22, 2014

Why the University of Nevada School of Medicine believes “Students from the West are the Best.” Ann Diggins, director of student and educational affairs at the University of Nevada School of Medicine, describes her school’s unique approach to recruiting. She provides an insightful heads-up on ...

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