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Med Student Mentor: Tips for Writing Admissions Essays

Aug 15, 2014

How can “telling your story” get you into Harvard Medical School? Dr. Robert Mayer, faculty associate dean of admissions at Harvard Medical School reveals what the admissions staff looks for in a candidate. He shares some insider tips on preparing a great essay and discusses the dos and don’ts ...

Med Student Mentor: The Doctor You Want to Become

Jun 6, 2014

Former Miss Utah and medical student Kara Arnold interviews fourth-year medical student Bob Chestnut about the steps to becoming the doctor you’ve always wanted to be. She asks which qualities are most important in a residency candidate and how med students can develop those qualities. They talk a ...

Med Student Mentor: The Need for More Women in Science

May 29, 2014

As Miss Utah, Kara Arnold used her position to encourage women and girls to explore careers in STEM fields. Now a University of Utah medical student, Arnold discusses how she discovered her passion for medicine, what women can bring to the sciences and why it’s important for them to get involved i ...

Med Student Mentor: How to Make a Good Impression on Your Attending Physician

May 16, 2014

Medical students must make the best impression on their attending physicians that they can, but doing so without being overbearing and in a short amount of time can be difficult. First-year med student Kara Arnold gets some tips from fourth-year Bob Chestnut about things you can do and shouldn’t d ...

Med Student Mentor: From Miss America to Med School

Apr 4, 2014

Being Miss Utah 2012 is hectic, but this year Kara Arnold learned the only thing that can really prepare you for the craziness of the first year of med school ‑ is the first year of med school. The former Miss America contestant talks about what she wished she knew on the first day and what excite ...

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