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Medications That Can Impair Driving

Apr 16, 2018

Some prescribed or over-the-counter medications can impair you as a driver. You may not realize you're sleep deprived or that your reaction time is slowed. On today's Health Minute, Dr. Scott Youngquist identifies ...

Prevent UV Ray Damages to the Eyes

Apr 13, 2018

Wearing sunglasses goes beyond comfort, they also prevent UV rays from damaging your eyes. On today's Health Minute, eye expert Dr. Jeff Pettey explains some of the serious and potentially permanent damages the ...

Preventing Suicide

Apr 12, 2018

Suicide is one of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States. It’s a painful topic to discuss or even think about, so many people choose to ignore it. On today's Health Minute, Dr. Joseph Watson describes the most common warning signs of self-harm and what you should do if ...

How to Administer Naloxone for an Opioid Overdose

Apr 11, 2018

Opioid overdoses are a fairly common occurrence in the United States. Overdoses occur not only with illicit drugs but with prescription painkillers as well. On today’s Health Minute, emergency physician Dr. Troy ...

Health Minute: Are High Heels Bad for Your Feet?

Apr 10, 2018

Evidence suggests high heels can hurt your feet and ankles. On today's Health Minute, Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones says wearing heels occasionally is okay, but everyday wear can create foot pains. Dr. Jones also ...

Items to Include in a Disaster First Aid Kit

Apr 6, 2018

If you live in an area that is at risk of a natural disaster, what should you stock in your disaster preparedness first aid kit? On today's Health Minute, emergency room physician Dr. Scott Youngquist talks about ...

Exercising While Pregnant

Apr 5, 2018

Exercise does a body good, even a pregnant body. On today's Health Minute, certified nurse midwife Marie Horne talks about the benefits of physical activity when you’re expecting and what types of exercise you should be performing. ...

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