Bundle of Hers

with Harjit Kaur, Margaux Miller, Bushra Hussein, and Leen Samha

A podcast about diversity in medicine. Third-year medical students Harjit Kaur, Margaux Miller, Bushra Hussein, and Leen Samha discuss the challenges of studying medicine and how their diverse backgrounds influence their everyday lives in medical school and beyond. Talking about topics that are underrepresented to keep the conversations honest and thought-provoking, Bundle Of Hers keeps it real and raw while stumbling gracefully through med school.

Bundle of Hers

Latest Shows

Ep 2.14: Discussions of Weight Bias in Health Care

Feb 13, 2019

Healthy bodies can come in all shapes and sizes. But sometimes our cultural weight bias (or fatphobia) can interfere with patient rapport. Margaux and Harjit discusses the issue of weight bias in health care. ...

Ep 2.13: Aligning Passion with Purpose

Jan 30, 2019

Third-year of med school involves a lot of soulsearching—we're more than halfway to becoming physicians and finding the time to balance everything in life can be a huge task. In this episode, Leen and Bushra talk to Dr. Megan Fix, emergency medicine physician and mentor for medical students and re ...

Ep 2.12: End-of-Year Reflections

Dec 12, 2018

Life keeps going but that doesn't mean you shouldn't slow down every now and then to reflect on all the good you've accomplished and all the milestones you've passed. Self-reflecting is important for self-growth—it can help ground you to where you want to be and get to in life. As the year comes t ...

Ep 2.11: The Climb to Residency isn't as Steep as it Appears

Dec 5, 2018

For many med students, the climb to residency can seem like a steep mountain, and it can be difficult to take a step back and recognize your accomplishments. But it's important to remember that all residents, all physicians, were med students at one point in their journey to the top. We talked to ps ...

Ep 2.10: Going Beyond "Let Me Know if You Need Help"

Nov 28, 2018

Sometimes it can feel awkward to reach out to someone you notice may need support. Learning how to navigate and break through these feelings is a key part of being a compassionate doctor, colleague, and friend. ...

Ep 2.09: Making Connections

Nov 21, 2018

Whether you connect on a cultural level, or that you're women practicing medicine, most of us want to feel like we matter, like we're valued. Making connections with others from the same communities can give you a sense of belonging. ...

Ep 2.08: Confessions of a 3rd-Year Medical Student

Oct 17, 2018

You know you’re a medical student when you cannot count how many times you’ve run after a resident… only to follow them to the door of a bathroom. It happens. We’re sharing some of our embarrassing, funny, confusing, and frustrating moments of third-year so far… because you shouldn’t hav ...

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