Nov 9, 2017

Interview Transcript

Announcer: The Health Minute, produced by University of Utah Health.

Interviewer: Most women usually expect to lose their weight after they've given birth, but some women actually gain more weight. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones, what are some of the reasons that might happen?

Dr. Kirtly: Well, some women can develop low thyroid function during and after pregnancy. So if you're having problems with weight gain, talk to your clinician at your postpartum visit and maybe a thyroid test is the right thing to do.

Are you getting enough sleep? And we know all new moms are sleepless, but women who sleep less than five hours a night six months postpartum are three times more likely to keep their baby weight. And lastly, being a new mom is stressful and when you're stressed out, you might eat more. Stress hormones can promote weight gain. So if you're struggling with your sleep, fatigue, stress, and weight gain postpartum, call your clinician.

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