Jul 21, 2017


Announcer: The Health Minute, produced by University of Utah Health.

Interviewer: Okay, time for a little game, five everyday items that a lot of people think are covered with germs, but should you be really worried about them. Dr. Kirtly Jones, I'm going to list them. I want you to tell me if I should be concerned.

Dr. Jones: Okay, I'm ready.

Interviewer: All right, how about the kitchen sponge?

Dr. Jones: No. They can be smelly, but be particularly careful after you wash up after raw chicken.

Interviewer: Yoga mats.

Dr. Jones: Oh, really? You sit down on your friends' couches, don't you?

Interviewer: All right. TV remotes.

Dr. Jones: Oh, unless you're sucking on them, I mean, they're not going to make you sick.

Interviewer: How about office phones? I bet you those are bad.

Dr. Jones: Well, this could be. Don't use the phone if someone just before you had a cold, a virus, or the flu.

Interviewer: Okay. And makeup brushes?

Dr. Jones: Now, that is serious. Don't use other people's makeup brushes, particularly eye makeup brushes, and throw yours away in three months.

So don't get germophobic, but be careful.

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