May 26, 2017


Announcer: The Health Minute produced by University of Utah Health.

Interviewer: There is a new concept in healthcare called "Value Driven Outcomes" or VDO, for short. Dr. Rachel Hess is professor of Population Health Sciences at University of Utah Health. How do Value Driven Outcomes reduce costs while at the same time improve the quality of healthcare?

Dr. Hess: The idea was born out of a desire to understand our costs and how to reduce them. But we also understood that only targeting costs without also ensuring high quality care, it's totally possible that in this cost-quality paradigm, costs could go up if quality also goes up. But what we found is that by improving quality, like decreasing post-operative infections, reducing unnecessary hospitalizations, and ensuring efficient healthcare, costs actually go down, quality goes up, and patients have improved experiences in health care.

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