Jun 5, 2019


Announcer: "The Health Minute" produced by University of Utah Health. Depression after having a baby. Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones, what's normal and when does it become a concern?

Kirtly: Seventy-five to eighty percent of new moms experience sudden emotional upheavals in the first couple of weeks after the birth of a child. It's common, but baby-blues should last a short time, a week or two. If the anxiety and sadness gets worse and continues beyond the first couple weeks, post-partum depression is probably what's happening. It effects about one in eight women. The symptoms are similar to depression: overwhelming fatigue, loss of energy, severe mood swings, feeling of worthlessness, guilt. Post-partum depression can happen to anyone. Families and partners need to be aware that the new mom is in trouble. Treatments can be very helpful, and can include talk therapy with friends or a psychological therapist, and medication may be helpful.

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