Nov 8, 2021

Interviewer: Three home remedies for really bad period pain. Dr. Kirtly Jones is an OB-GYN and she gets asked this a lot. What do you recommend that your patients try that they might have around the house to give them some relief?

Dr. Jones: Well, first of all, a hot water bottle or a towel that's been heated up in the microwave and put in a plastic bag. These things can be very helpful. Our mothers did it, our grandmothers did it. And a hot bath can help too.

Exercise is also very helpful for a bad period. Getting out and moving vigorously is counterintuitive but it actually helps. And women who exercise regularly have less painful periods.

And lastly, over the long term, lower fat diet and make sure the fats are good ones, oils, fish, nuts, and seeds. A healthy diet would make your periods better and good luck.

updated: November 8, 2021
originally published: September 13, 2017

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